Histamine—Love? Loathe? Let’s Learn! (Video)

NIAID Now | November 06, 2017

We should all be thankful to have some histamine in our bodies. This chemical messenger helps our brains stay alert, lets our stomachs dissolve food and powers our immune systems to root out and kill infectious parasites. However, anyone who suffers from minor to severe allergies knows histamine can have a dark side, too.

With input from NIAID scientists, NIH MedlinePlus has launched a new educational video (below) about how this duplicitous molecule can leave us saved… or swollen. 


While you’re at it, learn more about how NIAID is addressing diseases in which haywire histamine plays a large role:

NIAID Scientist Histamine
Credit: Jeff Day, National Library of Medicine
Content last reviewed on November 6, 2017