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March 2021

NIH Scientists Use Human Cerebral Organoid to Test Drug for Deadly Brain Disease

March 9, 2021

After establishing a human cerebral organoid system to study CJD, NIAID researchers have developed the model to screen drugs for potential CJD treatment.

January 2021

Scientists Identify Locations of Early Prion Protein Deposition in Retina

January 29, 2021

The earliest eye damage from prion disease takes place in the cone photoreceptor cells according to a new NIH study of prion protein accumulation.

October 2019

NIH Scientists Develop Test for Uncommon Brain Diseases

October 16, 2019

NIH scientists have developed an ultrasensitive new test to detect abnormal forms of the protein Tau associated with uncommon brain diseases.

August 2019

Experimental Treatment Slows Prion Disease, Extends Life of Mice

August 2, 2019

Scientists from and sponsored by NIH, using an experimental treatment, have slowed the progression of prion disease and greatly extended rodents’ lives.

June 2019

NIAID Scientists Develop “Mini-Brain” Model of Human Prion Disease

June 14, 2019

NIAID scientists used human skin cells to create the first “mini-brain” model of Human Prion Disease.

March 2019

Retinal Prion Disease Study Redefines Role for Brain Cells

March 27, 2019

National Institutes of Health scientists studying the progression of inherited and infectious eye diseases that can cause blindness have found that microglia, a type of nervous system cell suspected to cause retinal damage, surprisingly had no damaging role during prion disease in mice. In contrast, the study findings indicated that microglia might delay disease progression.