Researchers, NIAID Has Resources To Support Your Research

NIAID Now | January 16, 2018

Finding NIAID resources for researchers using the NIAID website has never been easier.

Credit: NIAID

NIAID makes many resources available to researchers, such as reagents, model organisms, and tissue samples. Now it’s even easier to find these resources on our site: NIAID recently launched a new and improved Resources for Researchers section with a robust search tool to help you find resources relevant to your research.

The search tool uses filters to sort through NIAID resources targeted at the external research community. See the tool at Resources for Researchers, or find it on the NIAID home page (from the Research tab in the main menu, click on Search for Resources).


Landing Page

The Resources for Researchers landing page will show all resources available.


Researchers Landing

The Resources for Researchers landing page



Use the filter categories in the left column (Disease or Condition, Discipline or Approach, Research Stage, Resource Type, and Division) to narrow your search. In the example shown below, the researcher chose to search for HIV/AIDS resources, related to Immune System approaches, in the Clinical stage.


Filtered Search

The results of a filtered search.



If you know the title of a particular resource you want to find (or a word that would be contained in the title or the description), you can enter that in the Search field at the top of the page to find what you’re looking for.


Keyword Search

The results of a keyword search.



Once your search results display, you can share them—simply copy the URL for the search results page and send to interested parties.

Individual resource pages provide a description of the resource, related links, and information such as main areas of focus, tools, who can use the resource, and whom to contact.

If you have any questions or concerns about this new search tool on the NIAID website, reach out to

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