Video: Developing a Safe and Effective HIV Vaccine

by Laura Leifman
NIAID Now | July 21, 2017

Ensuring a durable end to the HIV pandemic will require a safe and effective HIV vaccine. A whiteboard video explains how an HIV vaccine could be developed, while focusing on a vaccine currently being tested in a large, NIAID-funded clinical trial in South Africa called HVTN 702.

Historically, the first signal of HIV vaccine efficacy came in 2009 from a clinical trial conducted in Thailand, in which the risk of HIV infection was reduced by 31 percent over 3.5 years. Since then, investigators worked to improve upon the vaccine regimen and prepare it for testing in South Africa, where the HIV epidemic is most severe.

Testing of this modified regimen began on World AIDS Day 2016, with the launch of HVTN 702. The study is enrolling approximately 5,400 healthy volunteers to test whether the vaccine regimen is safe, tolerable and effective at preventing HIV infection among South African adults. If the vaccine offers substantial protection, making it available to more people would be the next step. Whatever the outcome, HVTN 702 will help advance development of an HIV vaccine that will prevent new infections and save lives.

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Content last reviewed on July 19, 2017