World Malaria Day 2018: An Interview with Dr. Lee Hall

NIAID Now | April 20, 2018

Each year, healthcare providers and researchers around the globe observe World Malaria Day—an annual reminder of the burden this mosquito-borne disease continues to cause. In 2016, an estimated 216 million people suffered through the intense fever, chills, and headache that accompany malaria infection. Around 445,000 people, mostly young children in Africa, died from malaria.

To fight the disease, NIAID is conducting and supporting a wide array of research into new diagnostics, drugs, vaccines, and treatments to battle malaria and the mosquitoes that carry it. NIAID Now recently spoke with Dr. Lee Hall, chief of the Parasitology and International Programs Branch of NIAID’s Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases, about some of NIAID’s accomplishments in malaria research over the past few decades, and the goals that malaria researchers are striving to reach. Watch the interview here:

Content last reviewed on April 30, 2018