Jaspal S. Khillan, Ph.D.

Chief, Mouse Genetics and Gene Modification Section

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Ph.D., Punjab University Chandigurh India

Photo of Jaspal S. Khillan, Ph.D.


Dr. Khillan obtained his Ph.D. from Punjab University Chandigurh India. He has over 25 years of experience gene manipulation in mouse embryos and stem cells. He joined NIAID’s Comparative Medicine Branch (CMB) in 2015 and established the Mouse Genetics and Gene Modification (MGGM) section to provide state of the art technologies of mouse genome modification, including CRISPR/cas9 mediated genome editing, generation of transgenic mouse models, gene targeting in ES cells and iPS cells, germplasm cryopreservation and rederivation of mouse lines. He was the first to establish transgenic technology at NIH. His areas of research include identification of gene that regulate self-renewal of stem cells, cell signaling, development of ES and iPS cell lines from different species, creation of animal models for human genetic disorders, CRISPR/cas9 genome editing in stem cells and somatic cells and generation of humanized animal models for infectious diseases such as SARS Cov-2 and bacterial diseases. He is a recipient of several awards and US patents. He is proficient in three languages including Punjabi, Hindi and English.