ARLG Virtual Biorepository Strain Catalogue

The ARLG biorepositories were created to aid in the development and evaluation of novel diagnostic tests and laboratory techniques, study mechanisms of resistance, generate preliminary data for study concepts, and support/mentor early-stage investigators pursuing research in the field of antibacterial resistance.

The virtual biorepository includes collections of clinically well-characterized Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacterial strains stored in the laboratories of ARLG investigators. Through the ARLG’s web-based virtual biorepository strain catalogue, strains are searchable by name and aliases, species name, or other characteristics.

More information about this resource is available at ARLG Virtual Biorepository (VB) Catalogue website

Main Areas of Focus

  • To provide investigators with unique access to clinically well-characterized Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria for the development of diagnostic tests, novel antimicrobial compounds and for studies evaluating mechanisms of resistance


  • Repositories
    • Gram-negative strains and collections
    • Gram-positive strains and collections

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Researchers can submit strains that have been published in peer‐reviewed journals; their inclusion must be approved by the ARLG Laboratory Center Director

How To Get Started

  • Searching the catalogue is open to the public
  • Requests for strains must be approved by the ARLG Director and/or the ARLG Executive Committee
  • Receiving laboratory and investigator must have BSL2 capability to receive strains

Contact Information