Big Grant Email Acceptance Form Template

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Program staff, you can copy the information below into an email message. When complete, send this message to your division coordinator, who will forward it to DEA and BFMB.

Program Division—Complete the following information:

  1. Division:
  2. Division director approved: (Note:  Acceptance must be approved by the division director)
  3. ExCom approval for investigator-initiated clinical trial implementation awards:
  4. Branch or program:
  5. Program officer:
  6. PI name:
  7. PI institution:
  8. Mechanism type (e.g., R01, R18, P01, T32):
  9. If response to program announcement, enter PA number and title:
  10. If competing renewal, enter grant number:
  11. Title or subject of application:
  12. SRP contact for review:
    1. Application submission date:
    2. Planned peer review date:

BFMB and DEA—Questions or issues regarding this request

  1. ARA Form
Content last reviewed on April 10, 2018