Biocontainment Research Facilities

National Biocontainment Laboratories (NBLs)

Map of NBL and RBL facility locations in the United States. The facilities are listed below.

Credit: NIAID

The National Biocontainment Laboratories (NBLs) and Regional Biocontainment Laboratories (RBLs) provide BSL4/3/2 and BSL3/2 biocontainment facilities, respectively, for research on biodefense and emerging infectious disease agents.

Investigators in academia, not-for-profit organizations, industry, and government studying biodefense and emerging infectious diseases may request the use of biocontainment laboratories. Please contact the NBLs and RBLs directly for further information.

Main Areas of Focus

  • To conduct research on biodefense and emerging infectious disease agents. 
  • To be available and prepared to assist national, state, and local public health efforts in the event of a bioterrorism or infectious disease emergency. 

Each NBL and RBL offers distinct resources for the research community. These include animal models, imaging services, and specialized equipment.

Please click on the links below for information about the services offered at each location.

Contact Information

Nancy Boyd, Section Chief, Extramural Biodefense Facilities, Office of Biodefense, Research Resources and Translational Research.

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