Bioinformatics Systems Biology

  • 3D Reconstruction Via Stereoscopy for the Study of Mosquito Swarms
  • Immune Epitope Database and Analysis Resource (IEDB)
  • Modeling Immunity for Biodefense
    This program brings together immunologists, microbiologists, bioinformaticians, and modelers to develop mathematical models of immunity to infection or vaccination.
  • Simmune
    Simmune is the name of a suite of software tools that guides the user through the multiple hierarchical scales of cellular behavior, facilitating the generation of comprehensive models. It was originally created to simulate immunological phenomena — hence its name, Simmune — but it is applicable to a very broad class of cell biological models.
  • Systems Approach to Immunology
    • Computational Core
      Aggregates and integrates data from consortium Cores; constructs pipelines for automated data processing; disseminates consortium data to the scientific community.
    • Signalling Core
      The aim of this investigation is to identify the temporal activation of intracellular signaling proteins in response to TLR activation.

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Content last reviewed on January 27, 2017