CEIRS-generated Reagents

NIAID CEIRS provides the BEI Resources Repository with high-priority reagents from the CEIRS community. Reagents include plasmids, antibodies, proteins, and virus isolates. Reagents not available through BEI can be requested on this page. Non-BEI reagents may be available from CEIRS researchers upon request.

    More information about this resource is available at CEIRS-generated Reagents

    Main Areas of Focus

    • To connect researchers who need reagents with those who have reagents
    • To make influenza reagents generated through CEIRS research available to the scientific community


    • Searchable database of reagents
    • Reagents repository

    Who Can Use This Resource

    • Open to researchers working on influenza
    • Researchers must complete a material transfer agreement (MTA)
    • Requesters must describe the intended use of materials, including a description of work and proposed use of reagents within that scope

    How To Get Started

    • Reagents can be requested from the CEIRS-generated Reagents website

    Contact Information