Centers for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases (CREID)

The global network involves multidisciplinary investigations into how and where viruses and other pathogens can emerge from wildlife and spillover to cause disease in people. Research is led by 10 Centers and one Coordinating Center and will involve collaborations with peer institutions in the United States and 28 other countries.

Main Areas of Focus

Research projects will include surveillance studies to identify previously unknown viral causes of febrile illnesses in humans, the animal sources of viral or other disease-causing pathogens, and to determine what genetic or other changes make these pathogens capable of infecting humans. Other research by the CREID investigators will involve developing reagents and diagnostic assays to improve detection of emerging pathogens as well as studies aimed at detailing human immune responses to new or emerging infectious agents. Overall, the breadth of research projects to be carried out in the CREID network will allow for study of disease spillover in multiple phases of the process: where pathogens first emerge from an animal host; at the borders between wild and more populated areas, where and when rapid human-to-human transmission occurs; and, finally, how transmission is facilitated in urban areas, where epidemic spread can occur.


Primary awardees for the CREID network and regions of focus include: 

  • Donald Brambilla, Ph.D., RTI International, Research Triangle Park, North Carolina
  • Tony Moody, M.D., Duke University School of Medicine, Durham, North Carolina
    CREID Coordinating Center
  • Kristian Andersen, Ph.D., Scripps Research, La Jolla, California
    West African Emerging Infectious Disease Research Center
    West Africa
  • Peter Daszak, Ph.D., EcoHealth Alliance, Inc., New York, New York
    Emerging Infectious Diseases Southeast Asia Research Collaboration Hub (EID-SEARCH)
    Southeast Asia
  • Eva Harris, Ph.D., University of California, Berkeley
    American and Asian Centers for Arboviral Research and Enhanced Surveillance (A2CARES)
    Central and South America, South Asia
  • Christine Johnson, VMD, Ph.D., University of California, Davis, School of Veterinary Medicine
    Epicenter for Emerging Infectious Disease Intelligence
    Central Africa and South America
  • M. Kariuki Njenga, Ph.D., Washington State University, Pullman
    Center for Research in Emerging Infectious Diseases-East and Central Africa
    East and Central Africa
  • Anavaj Sakuntabhai, Ph.D., Institut Pasteur, Paris, France 
    West Africa and Southeast Asia
  • Nikos Vasilakis, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
    Central and South America
  • Wesley C. Van Voorhis, M.D., Ph.D., University of Washington, Seattle
    South America, West and South Africa, Middle East, and Asia
  • David Wang, Ph.D., Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, Missouri 
    Asia, East Africa
  • Scott C. Weaver, Ph.D., University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston
    West Africa

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