CFAR/ARC Ending the HIV Epidemic Supplement Awards

In September 2023, NIH awarded 47 projects, 8 implementation science hubs, and the Implementation Science Coordination Initiative (ISCI) to institutions participating in the NIH-funded Centers for AIDS Research (CFAR) and the NIMH AIDS Research Centers (ARC) programs. These new awards will support research in 24 EHE counties, Washington, D.C., and 3 EHE states to strengthen research-community collaborations, and enhance the implementation science knowledge base needed for Ending the HIV Epidemic in the U.S. (EHE). Also listed are awards disbursed in Fiscal Years 2019 - 2022. All projects involve partnerships between CFAR/ARC investigators and local health officials and community groups in EHE priority areas.

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Emory CFARScott, Jane; Saldana, CarlosEmory CFAR: Responding to HIV Clusters in Atlanta with Culturally Competent Linkage to Services (REACCTS)
Rustbelt CFARYax, Justin(Rustbelt Center for AIDS Research (Case/UHC-Pitt CFAR) Creation of a novel Geospatial Information System (GIS)-based Reportable Diseases Mapping Tool (REDMAP) for the Cuyahoga County Board of Health to optimize EHE programming.  
Penn Mental Health AIDS Research CenterMeanley, StevenEvaluating HIV testing capacity in nonclinical HSO-alternative service facilities to scale-up cluster detection and response strategies for people who inject drugs (PWID) in Philadelphia
JHU CFARSchumacher, Christina Identifying novel data-driven partner services strategies to address the HIV and syphilis syndemic among MSM
UAB CFAREllen EatonUsing Geospatial Mapping and Epidemiologic Methods to Identify and Support Persons who Inject Drugs (PWID) at risk for HIV in Alabama
San Diego CFARLittle, SusanAIDSVu 2.0: Integrating Molecular Surveillance and HIV Reporting Data for Public Health
UNC CFARZhou, Shuntai Adding HIV Recency Testing to Public Health Surveillance 

CFAR/ARCProject Investigator  Project Title
Penn CFARBien-Gund, CedricImplementation of community pharmacy-based rapid HIV testing and PrEP in Philadelphia
Emory CFARCrawford, NatalieAdvancing Pharmacy-based PrEP starts and care linkage using Collaborative Practice Agreements
DC CFARConserve, Donaldson; Waimar, Tun; Hickson, DeMarcDesigning and piloting a pharmacy-based PrEP delivery model for Black Adults in Washington, DC
UCSF CFARJennifer CocohobaImplementing & Defining Effective Administration Services (IDEAS) for Long-Acting Injectable Antiretrovirals in Pharmacies
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARBauman, LauriePharm4PrEP: Developing and Testing a Pharmacy-Driven Model of PrEP to Address Health Inequities in Access
UCSF CAPS ARCLiu, AlbertMission Wellness: Developing and Piloting a Pharmacy-Delivered Long-Acting PrEP Program Tailored for the Latinx Community
UW BIRCH ARCStekler, JoanneUniversity of Washington Developmental AIDS Research Center for Mental
Health (UW ARCH) Establishing A Virtual Community of Practice for Pharmacists in HIV Prevention
Providence/Boston CFARBrotherton, Amy; Baloh, JureImplementation of a Pharmacist-Driven Long-Acting ART Program in HIV Clinics in Arkansas
Duke CFARBurns, CharlesLeveraging Southern Community-Based Pharmacies for PrEP Referrals
Third Coast CFARPagkas-Bather, JadeChicago One Step PrEP: Examining the acceptability and feasibility of pharmacy-led PrEP starts and management within the patient-centered health home
CHARM ARCKanamori, MarianoCERCA DE TI: Leveraging an Established Academic and CVS Health® Partnership to Advance Biomedical HIV Prevention with a New Pharmacy-Based PrEP Program
UW/Fred Hutch CFARLane, JeffreyReal-World Impact Evaluation of Pharmacist-Initiated HIV PrEP Laws

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Miami CFARNowotny, KathrynAdapting an Evidence-Based Intervention for Jail Linkage in Miami to Increase HIV Care
CHARM ARCPrado, Guillermo; Nowotny, KathrynImproving HIV care continuum outcomes among formerly incarcerated individuals through critical time legal interventions
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARAkiyama, MatthewA Decentralized, Status neutral, Stakeholder-engaged intervention for people living with and at risk for HIV post-incarceration: The DEST2nation Study
Duke CFARBrinkley-Rubinstein, Lauren; Gordon, Micahel; Beckwith, Curt Evaluating the use of long-acting antiretroviral treatment for HIV during community re-entry: Addressing community and structural barriers
UW/Fred Hutch CFARDombrowski, JulieImplementation of jail transitional care coordination for persons with HIV
Penn CFAREngstrom, MalittaFeasibility and Acceptability of Extended-Release Buprenorphine and Peer Services Among Adults with HIV and OUD Exiting Jail
UCSF CAPS ARCWesson, PaulImplementation strategies to optimize post-incarceration continuity of care for people living with HIV with criminal legal involvement
Rustbelt CFARDauria, Emily and Mintz, LauraA Community Engaged Response to Improve HIV Care Cascade Outcomes for Sexual and Gender Minoritized Adults Returning Home from Incarceration
DC CFAROgunbajo, AdedotunDeveloping and pilot testing a multidimensional intervention to improve HIV care outcomes among recently incarcerated people living with HIV in the Washington DC metropolitan area

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
DC CFARHickson, DeMarcAdapting and piloting a group intervention to address intersectional stigmas, and support shared resiliency and HIV wellness, among Black sexual minority men in Washington DC
UCLA-CDU CFARBogart, LauraStakeholder Engagement for Enhanced Implementation and Dissemination of Rise, an Evidence-Based Culturally Congruent Adherence Intervention for Black Americans
Third Coast CFARBeidas, Rinad; Van Pelt, AmeliaCrowdsourcing strategies for the implementation of long-acting injectable cabotegravir (CAB-LA) for HIV prevention for men who have sex with men in Chicago
UW/Fred Hutch CFARHatch, Mary; Wyatt, JackExpanding Safe-Point’s reach for HIV prevention in the Shelby County Black community: Opportunity for innovation
Third Coast CFARLi, Dennis; Dakin, Andrea; Dispenza, JudithAssessing a Centralized Care Engagement and Syndemics Strategy for HIV (ACCESS-HIV)
UW BIRCH ARCChwastiak, Lydia; Akansha Vaswani-ByeIntegrating Brief Narrative Therapy in Low Barrier Clinics to Enhance HIV Prevention
Harvard CFARFoley, JacklynEngaging Structurally Disadvantaged MSM Who Use Stimulants in HIV Prevention Services
UW BIRCH ARCJack, Helen; Hamilton, LeahFormative evaluation of the integration of brief opioid use disorder assessment into HIV prevention and treatment in prisons
UAB CFARSarah MacCarthy and Emma Kay (MPI)A Harm Reduction Approach to Addressing the HIV, STIs, and Substance Use Syndemic Among People Engaging in Sex Work in Alabama
CHARM ARCSternberg, CandiceNou La (We’re Here): Biomedical Prevention for People of Haitian Descent
CHIPTS ARCStorholm, ErikAddressing intimate partner violence, mental health burdens, and other syndemic factors to support engagement in HIV prevention services in a trans community center.
Miami CFARBeauchamps, LauraDIGI PrEP: Promoting PrEP bundled with gender affirming therapy for Black and Latina Transgender Women in South Florida.
Rustbelt CFAREgan, James and Friedman, MackeyUsing Narrative Medicine to decrease medical mistrust among BMSM and TGW seeking PrEP 
UAB CFARJessica CorcoranExploring Syndemic Factors associated with HIV and STI Testing Preferences Among Students at an HBCU in Alabama  
Harvard CFARBassett, Ingrid and Ard, KevenElectronic Partner Notification for STIs: A Syndemic Approach to Improve HIV Service Access 
Tennessee CFARBrown, Leslie LaurenImplementation of Culturally Responsive Trauma-Informed Care with Youth with HIV in Memphis, TN
JHU CFARDayton, Lauren Addressing competing priorities among sexual minority men to promote HIV prevention and care
CHIPTS ARCSwendeman, Dallas; Comulada, Warren; Gaeta, JesusPreparing for Implementation of the ATN CARES Evidence-Based Intervention Package for PrEP Uptake and Syndemic Factors among Youth
UNC CFARTucker, Joseph; Nwaozuru, Ucheoma; Zarwell, MeaganCommunity-engaged Approaches To Expand HIV Self-Testing (CATEST)

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARPatel, VirajOptimizing behavioral economics based nudges as implementation strategies to improve HIV prevention uptake among high priority Black and Latino Sexual Minority Men
Harvard CFARGuss, CarlyTailoring HIV/PrEP Education Messages for Adolescents (THEMA) Study
Penn CFARButtenheim, Alison
Thirumurthy, Harsha
Evaluating the B-OK bottles as a strategy to improve implementation of evidence-based adherence counseling and support to end the HIV epidemic
SD CFARDeiss, RobertCollaborative Approach for Navigating, Developing strategies and Uplifting the Health of Persons with Substance Use Disorders (CAN DU Health)
Texas D-CFARYoon, Jin HoDeveloping a behavioral economic intervention to facilitate HIV prevention: A feasibility and acceptability study
UCLA CHIPTS ARCStorholm, ErikApplying Behavioral Economic Incentives to Support Implementation of PrEP in a Trans Community Center
UCLA CHIPTS ARCMoucheraud, Corrina
Landovitz, Raphael
Financially incentivizing HIV prevention among high-incidence populations in LA County: Preparing for implementation
UCSF CAPS ARCSaberi, ParyaAutomated Directly Observed Therapy Pilot: Improving HIV Care Among Youth
UW BIRCH ARCGraham, Susan
Jack, Helen
Mapping a behavioral economics-informed intervention to promote linkage to HIV prevention and behavioral health services for people releasing from jails and prisons in Washington State
UW-Fred Hutch CFARRestar, ArjeeCharacterizing Conditional Economic Incentives for HIV Prevention and Care Services among Washingtonian Transgender and Nonbinary Adults

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
CHARM Miami D-ARCNowotny, KathrynPrEP Uptake among Justice Involved Peripregnancy People Who Use Drugs
DC CFARConserve, DonaldsonDevelopment of a Community-based HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Service Delivery Intervention for Black Adults in the District of Columbia
Duke CFARWilson, SarahEquity-focused implementation mapping to improve PrEP uptake and maintenance among Latines
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARRoss, JonathanImplementing community -driven, community-based PrEP strategies for Latino MSM
Emory CFARHussen, Sophia
Holliday, Rhonda
Mills, Alphonso
This is Your Moment (TIYM): Implementing a Novel Media Campaign for and by People Living with HIV in Atlanta
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesCournos, Francine
Lawrence, Melanie
Powell, Donald
Implementing Integrative HIV-Serious Mental Illness Case Management to Reduce HIV-related Health Disparities
JHU CFARChambers, RachelUtilizing a Health-Equity, Culturally Grounded Approach to Address HIV-Related Health Disparities Among Urban Native Americans
JHU CFARHernandez, RaquelMapping Adolescent and Young Adult HIV Testing and PrEP Deserts within the Tampa Bay Region: Promoting Equity Among Sexual and Gender Minority Youth
Miami CFARCianelli, RosinaSEPA-PrEP: An HIV Prevention Strategy for Cisgender Black Heterosexual Women (CHBW) to Improve HIV Testing, Access, Initiate, and Sustain Use of PrEP
Penn CFARBonett, StephenExpanding equitable access to HIV prevention through the Philadelphia TelePrEP Program
Prov/Boston CFARNunn, Amy
Gipson, June
Clergy and Community Health Center Communication Strategies for Ending the HIV Epidemic in Mississippi
Tennessee CFARAhonkhai, AimaCutting Out Stigma: A Barbershop-Based Strategy to Reduce Stigma towards Black Men Living with HIV in TN
Third Coast CFARPrya, Maria Gordon
Smith, Zyra
Wolfe, Brenda
Increasing PrEP Awareness and Demand among Black Cisgender Women
UAB CFARJohnson, KarenProject E-WORTH South: Targeting Health Equity and the HIV Epidemic among Black women who use substances of abuse in community corrections in the deep South
UAB CFARMacCarthy, SarahA community-academic partnership to develop placed-based PrEP outreach strategies in Alabama
UCLA CHIPTS ARCBrooks, RonaldImplementation Strategies to Promote Equitable Dissemination of Long-Acting injectable PrEP to Black/Latino MSM and Transgender Women in Los Angeles
UCLA CHIPTS ARCLee, Sung-JaeDe-Medicalizing PrEP by Partnering with House and Ball Community Using Social Work and Guiding Principles: Prioritizing Young Black LGBTQ+ Individuals
UCLA/CDU CFARD'Anna, LauraImplementing a Community-engaged Equity Approach to Identify Barriers and Facilitators to the PrEP Care Continuum in Long Beach, CA
UCLA/CDU CFARChen, Wei-TiAddressing intersectional oppression in Asian Pacific Americans with HIV in Southern California: An Implementation Science Framework
UCLA/CDU CFARHolloway, IanUnderstanding the implementation of SB 159: Pharmacist delivered pre- and post-exposure prophylaxis in three high priority EHE counties in CA (Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino Counties)
UCSF CAPS ARCTan, JudyPartnering for Health Equity in Research on HIV-related Disparities
UNC CFARMaragh-Bass, Allysha
Sukhija-Cohen, Adam
Formative research on a sex-positive tool for PrEP Counseling with Sexual/Gender Minority Youth of Color in NC and CA
UW BIRCH ARCKatz, DavidAdvancing health equity through integration of community social and HIV services
UW-Fred Hutch CFARLee, JaneImplementation of a Culturally Relevant Social Media Campaign to Increase HIV Testing and PrEP uptake in Latinx MSM
Yale CIRAAlbritton, TashunaA community-based participatory approach to addressing sexual and reproductive health services for rural Black female adolescents and young female adults in Alabama

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
DC CFARCalabrese, SarahDevelopment of an HIV Status-Neutral Video Intervention to Reduce Stigma and Promote U=U and PrEP Among Sexual and Gender Minority DC Community Members
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARKlein, AugustusAddressing Missed Opportunities in Status-Neutral HIV Prevention and Treatment among Transgender Men and Transmasculine Non-Binary Individuals
Emory CFARRSpaulding, AnneImplementing a LA-ART-focused Medical Case Management/Peer Navigation Program for a Status Neutral Cohort Leaving Jail
Harvard CFARBatchelder, AbigailStatus Neutral Psycho-Behavioral Capacity Building Intervention for People Who Use Drugs
Harvard CFARArd, KevinOptimizing HIV testing for people who inject drugs in Suffolk County, Massachusetts
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesEdelstein, Zoe Sandfort, TheoImplementation Mapping to Promote HIV Self-Testing and Linkage to HIV Prevention, Care, and Social Services among New Yorkers of Trans Experience
JHU CFARRosecrans, Amanda Rives, SarahImplementation Strategies to Increase PrEP Initiation at Baltimore City Health Department’s Sexual Health Clinics
Texas D-CFARFujimoto, KayoBlockchain-based HIV Status Management System
Third Coast CFARHill, Brandon McNulty, MoiraIdentifying barriers and facilitators to a status neutral implementation strategy for rapid-start antiretroviral treatment for HIV prevention and care in diverse community-based care settings
UAB CFARCorcoran, JessicaEvaluating the Implementation of Sexual Health Education and STI/HIV Testing for Adolescents at a Community Based Center in Alabama
UCSF CAPS ARCZamudio-Haas, SophiaAdapting Sheroes Culturally and Linguistically for Trans Latinas in Oakland, CA
UW BIRCH ARCChwastiak, LydiaIntegrating Status-Neutral Linkage to Services in Behavioral Health Organizations
Yale CIRABrown, Shan-EstelleLongitudinal Text Messaging Educational Campaign to Increase PrEP Prescription among medical providers in Orange County, Florida
Penn CFARCastillo, MarnéAdolescent Mobile Health Unit Community Collaborative – Addressing Barriers to HIV services in Philadelphia

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARHanna, David
Chambers, Earle
Felsen, Uriel
Collaborative data science to address social and structural determinants of health in PLWH
Emory CFARSullivan, PatrickAA community-driven process to expand local data profiles in
Penn CFARFarkhad, BitaCollaborative Network of EHE Communities to Support Computational Efforts to Improve Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Policy in the United States
Texas D-CFARWu, Hulin Highfield, LindaIntegrated data science and implementation science participatory planning to end the HIV epidemic
UW BIRCH ARCDombrowski, JulieData Science to Inform Coordinated Behavioral Health and HIV Care Re-Engagement
UW-Fred Hutch CFARPatel, Rena
Wallace, Stephaun
Schwartz, Rahel
Building community partnerships for big data science: community engagement in N3C for HIV research

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
CHARM Miami D-ARCHarkness, AudreySOMOS Alianza: Developing a Strategic Alliance across Three HIV Epicenters to Achieve Ending the HIV Epidemic Goals among Latino MSM
DC CFARRodriguez-Diaz, CarlosUsing a positive deviance approach for PrEP implementation among Latino populations in Puerto Rico and Washington, DC
Emory CFARCantos, Valeria
Holland, David
A Cross-Jurisdictional Response to Enhance Engagement of Latinos Who Have Sex with Men with HIV Outreach And Services (CREEMOS)
JHU CFARKemp, Christopher
Schwartz, Sheree
Identifying Capacity and Strategies for Community Pharmacy PrEP Implementation to End the HIV Epidemic in the U.S
Penn CFARAlbaraccin, DoloresCreating an Alliance of Rural Jurisdictions to Support Digital Interventions in the Achievement of EHE Goals
SD CFARLittle, SusanMolecular Epidemiology to Prioritize Prevention Resources in Clark County
Third Coast CFARBrewer, Russell
Chrestman, Sarah
Smith, Laramie
Project RISE: Relevant Implementation Strategies to Enhance (RISE) a Status Neutral Approach to HIV Prevention and Treatment
UAB CFARElopre, Latesha
Nelson, LaRron
Brewer, Russell
Pathways to PrEP: Informing Rapid PrEP Implementation Strategies Tailored to the Context of Medicaid Expansion
UCSF-Gladstone CFARLiu, AlbertDeveloping a Regional Approach to Equitable Implementation of Long-Acting PrEP
Yale CIRAHumphries, Debbie
Spiegelman, Donna
Project Relevant Implementation Strategies to Enhance (RISE) Status Neutral Community Health Workers in Alabama and Missouri (AL-MO)
Yale CIRATurner, DeAnneUsing Coincidence Analysis to Investigate Factors Affecting PrEP Initiation and Continuation in Southern Ending the Epidemic Counties

CFAR/ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
JHU CFARGerman, DanielleImproving HIV Outcomes among People Experiencing Housing Instability and Other SDOH
U of Miami DARC/ CHARMBalise, RaymondTools to Visualize and Summarize HIV Resources, Disease Burden and EHE Interventions in Miami-Dade County
Emory CFARKalokhe, Ameeta;
Colasanti, Jonathan
Bringing the Clinic to the Community: A Pilot Feasibility Study of Two Community-based HIV Care Models Designed to Engage and Retain Out-of-care People with HIV
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies (ARC)Sandfort, Theo; McKinnon, KarenEnding the HIV Epidemic through stigma-reduction: Applying “Getting-To-Outcomes" in a Ryan White Healthcare Site
DC CFARGondre-Lewis, MarjorieImplementing Brain Health Assessment into the HIV Care Continuum in Washington, DC
UCLA CHIPTS ARCDubov, Oleksandr (Alex) Implementation of an Emergency Department HIV/SUD Screening and Treatment Referral mHealth Tool for Latino Patients
Duke CFARCorneli, AmyPreparing for Implementation of Strategies to Promote Uptake of Long-Acting Injectable PrEP among Black Same Gender Loving Men at Historically Black Colleges and Universities
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARBauman, LaurieTesting Two Service Models of PrEP Delivery in OBGYN Clinics
Penn CFARBachman, SaraTeam Implementation Research: Evaluation and Optimization of the Philadelphia MCM Model
Tennessee CFARPettit, AprilBarriers and Facilitators to HIV Testing and Prevention Services Among Black Young Adults Attending LeMoyne-Owen College - A Historically Black College in Memphis, Tennessee
Third Coast CFARLi, Dennis; Benbow, NanetteIdentifying Critical Components of Linkage and Retention Strategies for HIV Care
Harvard CFAREscudero, DanielImproving Routine Opt-out HIV Screening in the Emergency Department in Miami, Florida
SD CFARGrelotti, DavidImplementing Integrated Delivery of Injectable Antiretroviral Treatment and Injectable Medication-Assisted Treatment for People with HIV and Comorbid Substance Use Disorders (iART+iMAT)
Texas D-CFARPatel, ShitalUsing Project ECHO for the Implementation of Rapid Antiretroviral Therapy Across Five Ryan White Part A Clinics in Houston/Harris County
UAB CFARKempf, Mirjam-ColetteImplementation of HIV Testing and Linkage to PrEP at an HBCU in Alabama

CFAR/ARCSupplement PI NameTitle of Project
UNC CFARBrowne, FeliciaDeveloping Strategies to Improve Engagement in HIV Services among People Who Use Drugs in the Charlotte Transitional Grant Area
Einstein-Rockefeller CUNY CFARRoss, JonathanLow-threshold, Community-based Strategies to Scale up PrEP for Latino MSM
DC CFARBowleg, LisaAddressing Intersectional and Social-Structural Barriers to Ending the HIV Epidemic in Black Sexual Minority Men and Black Heterosexual Women
SD CFARGaines, TommiAddressing Interrelated Substance Use and HIV Prevention Needs among Reservation-based American Indians using an Intersectionality Approach
SD CFARTsuyuki, KiyomiLEAPS: Leveraging resources to EHE Among People of Color in San Diego
U of Miami DARC / CHARMHarkness, AudreyThe Juntos Referral Network: Planning an Implementation Strategy to Enhance the Reach of HIV Prevention and Treatment Services to Latino MSM and Address Intersectional Insecurities
UCSF CAPS ARCTan, Judy; Chandler, Rasheeta Addressing Facilitators and Barriers to PrEP Initiation among Heterosexual Black Women in the South
UNC CFARMcCoy, KatrynaEnhancing Strategies to Engage Providers in Efforts to Eliminate HIV: Project EnSTEP
DC CFARRodriguez-Diaz, CarlosAn Intersectionality-based Policy Analysis of Social Determinants of HIV in Puerto Rico
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARAkiyama, MatthewDirectly-observed-therapy Enhanced Peer-support to Promote Adherence to Antiretroviral Therapy among Criminal Justice-Involved Individuals: The DEPART-CJI study
Miami CFARBeauchamps, LauraPrEP-GAT: Development of a Social Network Intervention to Promote PrEP Bundled with Gender Affirming Therapy in Black and Latina Transgender Women in South Florida
UCSF CAPS ARCRebchook, GregImproving HIV Prevention and Care for Transgender Latinas in Oakland, CA
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral Studies (ARC)Hoffman, Susie; Mantell, Joanne; Rael, Christine; Bauman, Laurie; Calderon, YvetteDesigning Differentiated PrEP Service Delivery Models for Implementation in New York City Emergency Departments through a Community Collaborative
JHU CFARWillie, TiaraTrauma-Informed HIV Prevention for Black Women in Baltimore
Tennessee CFARBrown, L. LaurenMulti-Method to Inform the Implementation of Trauma-Informed Care for Youth Living with HIV in Memphis, TN
Third Coast CFARShah, HaritaA Pilot Intervention to Increase PrEP Awareness and Uptake among Latinx MSM and Transgender Women
UCLA CHIPTS ARCBrooks, RonaldDeveloping Implementation Strategies to Optimize PrEP Delivery to Immigrant Latino MSM in Los Angeles County
Third Coast CFARPyra, MariaFAHST-ITAP: Food and Housing Support to Improve HIV Treatment and Prevention
UCSF-Gladstone CFARLiu, Albert;  Wilson, NatalieDeveloping a Status Neutral, Mobile Health Clinic Model in Alameda County
UW-Fred Hutch CFARKatz, DavidIntegrating Social and HIV Services to Enhance HIV Prevention
Yale CIRA (ARC)Marotta, Phillip;  Brown, TawnyaSt. Louis Enhancing Engagement and Retention in HIV/AIDS Care (STEER

These one-year implementation science research awards either build on work from a 2019 pilot project or support new projects based on priorities identified by local jurisdictions.

CFAR or ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title (* denotes expansion from 2019)
Duke CFARAmy Corneli*PrEP-MECK: Increasing PrEP uptake among same gender loving men in Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Einstein CFARMcKaylee RobertsonEvaluating the Healthix Bottom-Up Strategy in New York City using an implementation science framework
University of Miami Developmental HIV/AIDS Mental Health Research Center (D-ARC)Mariano Kanamori*FINISHING HIV: A social network-based outreach program to encourage utilization of HIV protection, diagnosis and treatment services, customized for Latinos
Penn CFARRinad Beidas Implementation mapping to increase the use of evidence-based interventions in the HIV continuum of care
Providence/Boston CFARAmy Nunn*Faith in Action: Clergy and community health center implementation strategies for ending the epidemic in Mississippi and Arkansas
San Diego CFARDavid Moore; Jessica MontoyaExploring and preparing for implementation of an individualized text messaging PrEP adherence intervention in a community setting
Third Coast CFARClaudia HawkinsEvaluation of an emergency implemented telemedicine Intervention, its acceptability and impact on HIV care and treatment among persons living with HIV
UNC CFARTonia Poteat*Transforming the Carolinas 2.0
UW/Fred Hutch CFARChristine Khosropour*Integrating high-intensity re-engagement into routine health department services in Mississippi

These two-year implementation science research projects build on the progress and outcomes from 2019 pilot projects.

CFAR or ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title (* denotes expansion from 2019)
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARViraj Patel<*Patient-focused PrEP management to increase coverage for highest priority patients in primary care in a high prevalence jurisdiction
Harvard CFARDouglas Krakower; Julia Marcus*Clinical decision support for PrEP
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesRobert Remien; Claude Ann Mellins*Evaluating implementation strategies of behavioral health integration into HIV prevention and care including telehealth
Miami CFARSusan Doblecki-Lewis*Adaptation of the mobile PrEP implementation strategy for equitable scale-out (AMP-IT-OUT)
University of Miami Developmental HIV/AIDS Mental Health Research Center (D-ARC)Sannisha Dale*Five point initiative: reaching Miami’s Black communities to end the HIV epidemic
Penn CFARJose Bauermeister*System-level intervention to optimize HIV testing & PrEP delivery among young sexual and gender minorities in Philadelphia
Penn Mental Health AIDS Research Center (PMHARC)Steven Meanley*Adapting and expanding a high-impact social media-delivered sexual health promotion intervention (Project iMMPACS) to African American youth in Philadelphia County
Providence/Boston CFARSerena Rajabiun*Integrating community health workers as part of the HIV care team in rural and urban settings to improve viral suppression in Shelby County, Tennessee
UAB CFARLatesha Elopre*PrOTECT AL: PrEP optimization through enhanced continuum tracking
UAB CFARLynn Matthews*Mobile testing to increase HIV-testing uptake in rural Alabama: a pilot implementation project (MOBILISE)
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)Kimberly Koester*Connecting resources for rural and urban sexual health: CRRUSH-Sacramento
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)Susan Kegeles; Greg Rebchook*Texas PrEP implementation study (TPIS)

These one-year awards support research to determine how best to implement strategies to help cisgender heterosexual women learn about HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), decide if this HIV prevention tool is relevant for their lives, access PrEP, and sustain PrEP use for as long as desired.

CFAR or ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Einstein CFARSarit GolubNovel strategies for reducing barriers to HIV testing and increasing access to PrEP for cisgender women
Harvard CFARBisola OjikutuAddressing unmet PrEP needs among diverse Black women
JHU CFARJu ParkOptimizing PrEP engagement among cisgender heterosexual women and their partners
Miami CFARRosina CianelliSEPA-PrEP: a promising HIV prevention strategy for cisgender Hispanic heterosexual women to access, initiate and sustain use of PrEP
Providence/Boston CFARLarry BrownExploring PrEP implementation strategies tailored for African American cisgender women living in Mississippi HIV hot spots
UCLA Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS)Ronald BrooksTeleHealth to optimize PrEP care continuum outcomes among cisgender Black and Latina heterosexual women
UNC CFARCourtney BonnerImplementing PrEP into non-title X settings to reduce HIV disparities among African American women in the Atlanta MSA

These one-year awards support studies to help understand the implementation of various communication strategies and delivery platforms to increase use of HIV testing, prevention, and care services and to reduce stigma.

CFAR or ARCProject InvestigatorProject Title
Einstein CFARDavid Lounsbury Provider-targeted communications strategies to reduce stigma and promote PrEP uptake
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesJoanne Mantell; Laurie BaumanUsing a social media campaign to increase PrEP engagement among young Latinx and Black men who have sex with men
JHU CFARCui YangDevelopment and evaluation of a crowdsourced U=U campaign to reduce HIV stigma and promote HIV prevention and care utilization in Baltimore
Penn CFARGraciela Gonzalez-HernandezSocial media mining for tailored PrEP intervention
Third Coast CFARKathryn Macapagal Adaptation of a social marketing campaign to promote PrEP awareness among adolescents in Cook County, Illinois
UW/Fred Hutch CFARRoxanne KeraniData driven messaging to increase engagement in molecular cluster investigations

Third Coast CFARBrian Mustanski and Nanette BenbowImplementation Science Coordination, Consultation, and Collaboration Initiative (ISC3I)

JHU CFARSheree Schwartz and Stefan BaralMid-Atlantic CFAR Consortium Plus (MACC+) Implementation Science Consultation Hub: Methods, Mentorship, and Collaboration
Yale ARC (CIRA)Donna SpiegelmanR3EDI: Rigorous, Rapid, & Relevant Evidence aDaptation & Implementation to Ending the HIV Epidemic
UCSD CFARBorsika Rabin and Nicole StadnickSan Diego CFAR Implementation Science Hub
UAB CFARMichael Mugavero and Robin LanziUAB CFAR Implementation Science Consultation Hub
UCLA ARC (CHIPTS)Alison HamiltonUCLA Rapid, Relevant, Rigorous (3R) Implementation Science Hub
UW-Fred Hutch CFARSherr, KennethUW/FH CFAR Implementation Science Consultative Hub to Catalyze the EHE Initiative
Emory CFARSales, JessicaEmory CFAR IS Hub
Texas D-CFARMarkham, ChristineTexas Implementation Science Hub to end HIV
Tennessee CFARPettit, AprilTennessee Center for AIDS Research Implementation Science Consultation Hub

These one-year awards, announced in September 2019, supported pilot and formative studies to enhance the implementation science base needed for the Ending the HIV Epidemic initiative. Additional 2019 projects that were continued and expanded in 2020 are listed above and marked with an asterisk.

CFAR or ARCInvestigatorTitle
CWRU CFARAnn AveryMolecular cluster analysis, understanding its use in ending the HIV epidemic in Cleveland, and informing the community
DC CFARSarah HennSarah Henn    A city-wide approach to HIV pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) scale-up in multiple high-risk communities in Washington, D.C.
DC CFARRupali DoshiCitywide expansion of rapid ART initiation in the District of Columbia
DC CFARCarlos Rodriguez-DiazPuerto Rico-DC CFAR community-academic partnership (CAP) for comprehensive HIV prevention and response
Duke CFARAmy Corneli; Meredith ClementGetting to [NO]ne in New Orleans: enhancing PrEP uptake in Black women to end the epidemic
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARLaurie BaumanStrategies to scale up PrEP availability in medical care settings
Einstein-Rockefeller-CUNY CFARMatthew AkiyamaEnhancing a universal testing and treatment strategy in jail to promote viral load suppression among justice-involved people living with HIV
Emory CFARJessica Sales; Anandi ShethReducing HIV among women living in Atlanta
Harvard CFARKevin ArdMobile, venue-based PrEP for men who have sex with men
Harvard CFARJacqueline ChuIntensive case management to end the HIV epidemic
JHU CFARJoyce JonesThe Baltimore Rapid Start collaborative
JHU CFARJean AndersonLinkage and retention in care upon release from the Maryland state prison system
Miami CFARAllan RodriguezIdentifying barriers and building strategies for widespread implementation of rapid linkage into care and antiretroviral initiation of individuals newly diagnosed with HIV in Miami Dade County
Providence/Boston CFARJun Tao; S. Alexander MarshallUsing a big-data approach to characterize disparities in the HIV care continuum and viral suppression among rural communities in Arkansas
San Diego CFARJill Blumenthal; Laramie SmithTRANS (ending) the HIV epidemic: planning a mobilized community-delivered response with transgender individuals at high risk for HIV transmission
San Diego CFARJoel WertheimResponding to HIV molecular transmission clusters comprising transgender women in Los Angeles County    
San Diego CFARMaile KarrisA demonstration project of collaborative clinic-based data to care
San Diego CFARKiyomi TsuyukiProyecto Compadre: community engagement to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS among Latino men in San Diego
Tennessee CFARApril PettitA step toward ending the HIV epidemic in Memphis/Shelby County, Tennessee: improving linkage to care with a test and treat program
Third Coast CFARJessica RidgwayImproving PrEP uptake and persistence among cis-gender women of color
Third Coast CFARMoira McNultyPrEP persistence and implementation in high burden areas in the Midwest
Third Coast CFARJohn SchneiderNext generation responses to HIV-related events in ending the epidemic contexts
UCSF-GIVI CFARAlbert LiuEvaluating gaps and improving immediate linkage and ART initiation in the Bay Area
UCSF-GIVI CFARWill McFarlandEnhancing case-based and behavioral surveillance for key populations in Alameda County
UCSF-GIVI CFARMonika RoyOptimizing novel strategies to increase virologic suppression rates among unstably housed patients living with HIV
UNC CFARLisa Hightow-WeidmanAn integrated technology-based “status-neutral” approach to engage young men who have sex with men and young transgender women in the prevention and care continuum in North and South Carolina
UNC CFARFelicia BrowneReaching African-Americans to reduce HIV disparities in the Carolinas
UW/Fred Hutch CFARJoanne SteklerPROTECT: providing PrEP through community-based organizations using telehealth and commercial pharmacies
UW/Fred Hutch CFARRoxanne KeraniDeveloping an intervention to interrupt transmission in molecular HIV clusters
UW/Fred Hutch CFARMatthew GoldenIntegrated real-time reengagement and low barrier care to improve HIV treatment
UW/Fred Hutch CFARRena PatelHarambee! Feasibility of community-based HIV testing implementation strategies among African immigrants in King County, Washington
DC CFARAdam Allston; Brittani Saafir-CallawayThe development of responsive health department HIV data to action strategies through community engagement
Emory CFARSophia HussenExploring HIV and mental health care integration for young Black men who have sex with men
Harvard CFARGeorge Seage IIIEnhancing US HIV prevention models
Miami CFARHansel Tookes; Suzanne Doblecki-LewisMobile delivery of PrEP and medication assisted treatment at a syringe services program—a pilot study
Third Coast CFARRussell BrewerPreparing for pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) scale-out in criminal justice settings
UAB CFARLynn MatthewsPromoting PrEP use among African-American adolescent girls and young women in the Deep South at-risk for HIV: provider and client perspectives
Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS)Ronald BrooksUse of technology-based PrEP services to improve uptake, adherence, and persistence among young men who have sex with men and young transgender persons of color
Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS)Raphael LandovitzPreparing for long-acting injectable treatment for HIV in Los Angeles
Center for HIV Identification, Prevention, and Treatment Services (CHIPTS)Steven ShoptawRegional response to HIV eradication efforts in southern CA counties
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesMatthew FeldmanEnding the Epidemic for young adults living with HIV: leveraging Ryan White Part A services to improve health outcomes
HIV Center for Clinical and Behavioral StudiesTheodorus SandfortBuilding a coalition to overcome intersecting stigmas and improve HIV prevention, care access, and health outcomes in New York City
University of Miami Developmental HIV/AIDS Mental Health Research Center (D-ARC)Hansel TookesImplementation of telemedicine test and treat for on-site initiation of antiretroviral therapy at Miami’s IDEA exchange syringe service program (SSP)
Penn Mental Health AIDS Research Center (PMHARC)Florence MomplaisirUsing a multi-level approach to improve viral suppression for youth and young adults with HIV
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)Jeanne SeveliusCommunity-led programming to improve HIV diagnosis, prevention, and treatment among transgender people in the San Francisco Bay Area
Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)Hong-Ha TruongEnhancing partner services for newly-diagnosed, sexually active, high risk men who have sex with men
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA)Elaine O'KeefeA study of assisted HIV self-testing and linkage to care among partners of people living with HIV (PLHIV) in San Juan, Puerto Rico
Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS (CIRA)Trace KershawKnowledge, attitudes and practices of key groups about the Undetectable=Untransmissible message (KAP on U=U)
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