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Center for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Immunology & Immunogen Discovery (CHAVI-ID)

CHAVI-ID are two consortiums established by NIAID to undertake the immunologic research required to tackle the major scientific obstacles in the development of an effective HIV vaccine. The two seven-year awards were made in 2012, one to Duke University and a second to The Scripps Research Institute.

Main Areas of Focus

  • To determine the viral and immunological events and host genetic factors associated with HIV transmission, infection and (partial) containment of virus replication
  • To develop novel HIV-1 vectors, immunogens and adjuvants that suppress viral replication and elicit persistent mucosal and/or systemic immune responses
  • To use SIV infection in primates as a model for HIV infection in humans and determine the factors that lead to mucosal protection from SIV in primates
  • To test novel HIV-1 vaccine candidates in phase I clinical trials
Content last reviewed on November 17, 2017