Center for International Blood and Marrow Transplantation Research (CIBMTR) Database

The CIBMTR database contains data on outcomes of hematopoietic (blood and bone marrow) cell transplant (HCT) procedures. The CIBMTR collaborates with government agencies, professional groups, international partners, and patient organizations via 15 active scientific/research working committees.

The CIBMTR database is co-funded by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and the National Cancer Institute.

More information about this resource is available at CIBMTR Database

Main Areas of Focus

  • To ensure that high-quality data are available to an international community of investigators, physicians, and patients to advance understanding and improve success of HCT


  • Database of information on more than 325,000 hematopoietic (blood and bone marrow) cell transplant (HCT) recipients from 500 U.S. transplant centers
  • Research Sample Repository of approximately 2.6 million sample aliquots from more than 48,350 related and unrelated transplant recipient/donor (or cord blood) pairs with complete, validated clinical outcome data from the CIBMTR Observational Database

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Data and sample inventory are available for public use
  • Submit a study proposal via the CIBMTR website to request samples

In return for access to the samples and data analysis support, investigators are required to submit the interpreted results of all assays performed on the samples to the National Marrow Donor Program.

How To Get Started

  • Download the sample inventory or request data via the CIBMTR website
  • Request samples via the CIBMTR website