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Community Partners (CP)

Community Partners (CP) works to promote effective representation of the many US-based and international communities in which the NIH-funded HIV Clinical Trials Networks conduct research. CP consists of community members from each of the Networks’ Global Community Advisory Boards, community liaison staff, and members from the Tuberculosis Trials Consortium Community Research Advisors Group (TBTC CRAG).

Main Areas of Focus

  • To facilitate community engagement and involvement within each of the NIH-funded HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks
  • To coordinate community input, communication, and resources across the clinical trials networks
  • To develop training materials and identify resources to meet the needs of the global and local Community Advisory Boards
  • To increase the representation and participation of community members from resource-limited settings and vulnerable populations
  • To identify and address challenges to participation in clinical trials

Network Oversight

The Community Partners Executive Committee (CP Exec. Committee) makes decisions on behalf of Community Partners and its general membership in accordance with CP Organizational Guidelines.

Content last reviewed on November 17, 2017