DAIDS Services Program to Accelerate Drug Development

The Division of AIDS (DAIDS) maintains contracts that can potentially provide limited pre-clinical services including manufacturing, analytical chemistry, preclinical pharmacology and toxicology resources to investigators who are working on the development of therapeutics targeting HIV/AIDS and AIDS-related opportunistic infections, including TB.

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Main Areas of Focus

  • The focus of the program is to facilitate the advancement of promising drug candidates from bench to clinic.
  • DAIDS is especially interested in the development of long acting formulations of antiretroviral drugs, as well as antiretroviral drugs targeting novel viral, and possibly host, proteins.


Joe Fitzgibbon, Drug Development and Clinical Sciences Branch


Investigators seeking these services receive no funding from NIAID, but instead receive products or information generated by NIAID-funded contractors on their behalf. These services are offered to fill specific gaps in an investigator’s drug development plan as they advance their product toward clinical investigation.


These services are provided at no cost to the investigator and include evaluation of compounds in cell culture and animal models, chemical synthesis, analytical chemistry, drug formulation, and animal pharmacology and toxicology.

Eligibility Requirements

Investigators seeking access to these services must have a defined product of known chemical structure and must have preliminary data to support the continued development of that product. Investigators seeking the random screening of new compounds without any accompanying biological data are poor candidates for these services.

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