David Garboczi, Ph.D.

Chief, Structural Biology Section

Major Areas of Research

  • Production of large amounts of highly purified, correctly folded macromolecules
  • Preparation diffraction-quality crystals
  • Determination of structures by X-ray crystallography and other macromolecules

Program Description

The Structural Biology Section (SBS) provides specialized techniques and scientific expertise that enables DIR scientists to obtain biophysical and structural data for macromolecules. While closely collaborating with DIR researchers, the SBS provides consulting/training, produces pure proteins, performs biophysical analyses, and determines structures of proteins and other macromolecules that are central to the infectious disease and immunology research programs of DIR. Biophysical analysis and structural biology require expertise in producing large amounts of correctly folded proteins at high-purity, in preparing diffraction-quality crystals, and in determining crystal structures by X-ray methods. With an emphasis on providing training in biochemical, biophysical, and structural methods, the SBS makes it possible for investigators to use structurally based ideas and techniques in their research program.


The Structural Biology Section is fully equipped to express proteins, to refold proteins to their native state, to purify proteins, to assay protein quality, and to prepare protein crystals. The Section performs biophysical analyses including dynamic light scattering, circular dichroism, and isothermal titration calorimetry.

Research Group

Apostolos G. Gittis, Ph.D.
Kavita Singh, Ph.D.
Qingping Liu, M.S.

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