Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center

What services are provided?

The Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center (FR3) maintains oversight of filarial parasites, SOPs, and molecular reagents. Some reagents can now be found on the BEI website​. FR3 comprises two divisions:

  1. The Parasite Resource Division provides
    • Filariasis parasites maintained in the laboratory by alternate passage through mammalian definitive hosts and arthropod vectors
    • Standard Operating Procedures
    • Annual training sessions (“wet lab” and “didactic” aspects) on the use and maintenance of parasite and vector life cycles and related techniques
  2. The Molecular Resources Division provides

    The Molecular Resources Division also invites submission of materials to the Center.

Click here to access a summary of the history, activities, and accomplishments of the Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center.

​Application and Approval Process

To request parasite and molecular resources, please see the Filariasis Research Reagent Resource Center website​.

All reasonable requests are approved by the contractor. There is a limit placed on the amount of materials that can be obtained per shipment from the Parasite Resources Division. However, justified requests to meet needs that exceed these limits will be honored.

User Requirements

  • Users may be required to pay the cost of shipping the materials and complete an indemnification agreement.
  • Users may sign a Materials Transfer Agreement, an agreement that governs the exchange of research materials and tools.
  • Users should acknowledge NIAID in any publication resulting from the use of this service.
Content last reviewed on August 3, 2017