Functional Lists of Unknown TB Entities (FLUTE)

FLUTE is a Functional Genomics Center funded by NIAID, with the goal of discovering the roles of genes from Mtb with previously unknown functions. In addition FLUTE aims to establish an efficient pathway for identifying gene function that could serve as a paradigm for other bacterial species.

Main Areas of Focus

  • To develop a systematic approach to understanding the functions of genes whose roles are unknown and cannot easily be predicted in Mtb, the cause of human tuberculosis.
  • To generate experimental data utilizing existing and novel technologies to identify function, including novel regulatory systems, proteomics, metabolomics and whole genome synthetic lethality screening.To generate and distribute data, software, and reagents to the broader scientific community.


  • Datasets
  • Software

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Available for public use

How To Get Started

  • Visit the FLUTE website to access data and software.

Assurances to Requestors

FLUTE is a Functional Genomics Resource Center funded by NIAID, with the goal of defining functions for unknown ORFs, hypothetical genes, and non-coding RNAs in Mtb.


  • Harvard University School of Public Health

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Content last reviewed on October 18, 2018