Dual Assignments SOP

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To allow the NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) to assign grant applications to more than one institute for funding consideration, based on NIH referral guidelines.


Dual assignments acknowledge shared interests of institutes in a scientific area and inform appropriate institutes of an application.

Applications may receive primary and secondary assignments. CSR assigns applications to institutes with programmatic interest in the proposed research or training. The institute with the most relevant program is designated primary; others are secondary. Principal investigators (PIs) can ask CSR for a dual assignment in their PHS Assignment Request Form.

NIAID staff may ask CSR to add NIAID as a secondary assignment when: 1) an application is assigned to another institute but is of substantial interest to NIAID, 2) NIAID is considering cofunding, or 3) an applicant has requested it.

NIAID staff can request a secondary assignment of an application either before or after initial peer review. Alternatively, staff can request removal of a secondary assignment if the science is not relevant to NIAID.

An application is given Council consideration by both the primary and secondary institutes. If the primary does not intend to make an award, the secondary has the opportunity to do so.

For other information, see the Request for Primary IC Assignment SOP.


  • In your application's PHS Assignment Request Form, you can request secondary assignment of your application to an institute.
  • After your application has been assigned to an institute, you can ask a program officer to request a secondary assignment.

Program Officers

  • To request adding or deleting NIAID as a secondary assignee, email the following information to Contact for NIAID Receipt Referral (Do not send a 901 form.):
    • Full grant number, e.g., 2R01AI12345-06A1
    • PI's full name
  • If the primary assigned institute is not able to fund an application, but NIAID, as the secondary, wishes to fund, send your division coordinator a 901 form requesting primary assignment to NIAID. See the Request for Primary IC Assignment SOP for more information.

Division Coordinators

  • Initiate an Assignment Change Request (ACR) through the IMPAC II ACR module when a program officer sends you a 901 requesting primary assignment to NIAID. 

NIAID Receipt Referral Officer

  • When you receive an email requesting adding or removing NIAID as a secondary assignee, make a change in IMPAC II through the Institute and Center Operations (ICO) module to notify CSR of the assignment change.


Applicants with questions should refer to Contacting Program Officers and Grants Management Specialists.

Contact for NIAID Receipt Referral

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