Get a Speedy Response From Your Grants Management Specialist

Your grants management specialist is your first contact for all administrative elements of your grant award: negotiation, reporting, budgeting, and management.

To get the response you need as completely and quickly as possible, follow the steps below, shown in Graphic and Narrative form.


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Contact your grants management specialist (listed in eRA Commons) if you know you're approved for an award or you’re already managing your grant. Otherwise, a program officer is probably your best bet.

If contacting your grants management specialist is the right move, start with an email. In your email, do the following:

  • Provide your grant or application number.
  • Clearly explain why you are getting in touch and describe what you want.
  • Provide any other contact numbers and email addresses you have.
  • State how urgent the matter is, or give a time or date by which you need a response.
  • Copy your program officer.

Grants management specialists typically respond by the end of the next business day. However, from July to September workloads get heavier, so it may take two business days to get back to you. If you can afford to wait, please do.

If your issue is urgent or you do not get a reply within two business days, take these steps to escalate your request:

  • Follow up with a call to the grants management specialist.
  • If you still don't hear back, contact the most appropriate branch chief; find his or her name at Grants Management Program Contacts.
  • If the branch chief doesn't reply in two business days, contact the Grants Management Program chief, Emily Linde.


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