Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC)

The Human Immunology Project Consortium (HIPC) is a network of researchers established to create a public resource that characterizes the diverse states of the human immune system. HIPC investigators use modern analytic tools to profile the immune system before and after infection, vaccination, or treatment with an adjuvant. The information gained from HIPC promises to improve the understanding of the human immune system and its regulation. It also will help scientists evaluate the safety and effectiveness of different vaccine formulations and administration techniques.

Main Areas of Focus

  • The study of well-characterized human cohorts using a variety of modern analytic tools, including:
    • Multiplex transcriptional, cytokine, and proteomic assays;
    • Multiparameter phenotyping of leukocyte subsets;
    • Assessment of leukocyte functional status; and
    • Multiple computational methods
  • To define profiles/signatures/fingerprints of steady-state and activated human immune system
  • To create centralized knowledge base and resources
  • To facilitate investigations of human immunity
  • To develop novel applications for human disease

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