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The creation of the Mali Service Center (MSC) was a joint activity between NIAID's Mali Project team, spearheaded by former NIAID Deputy Director, the late John LaMontagne, and Malian representatives from the University of Bamako and the University's School of Medicine, FMPOS.

The idea was to create an independent establishment that would further scientific collaborations in Mali by establishing an administrative and financial infrastructure in Mali capable of building and supporting sustainable research.

The MSC became operational in December 2004. Although it is currently being managed by a NIAID contractor, the plan is to eventually transition control of the MSC to the Malians.

Functions of the Mali Service Center

  • Manage NIAID funds in an accountable manner
  • Follow efficient and uniformly applied systems, procedures, and protocols
  • Banking and fund management
  • Accounting and inventory management
  • Human resources information management
  • Provide payroll processing
  • Provide timely and accurate reports to funders and Malian authorities
  • Ensure regular audit of books and records
  • Respond to an Advisory Committee
  • Work with the NIAID Mali Office


The service center is located in Bamako the capital of Mali, in West Africa.

About Mali

  • Official name: The Republic of Mali
  • Population: 14.1 million (2011 est.)
  • Languages: French (official), Bambara
  • Currency: CFA Francs

Did you know...

  • That Timbuktu, the legendary center of wealth, learning, and culture, is located in Mali?
  • That Mali is the largest country in West Africa (land mass not population)?
  • That the Mandinka Empire of Mali extended over almost all of West Africa and controlled virtually all of the lucrative trans-Saharan gold trade in the 14th century?
  • That the Niger River passes through Mali?
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