Markedly Accelerating Research with Knowledge of Tuberculosis Biomarkers (MARK-TB) Biorepository

The Markedly Accelerating Research with Knowledge of Tuberculosis Biomarkers (MARK-TB) has created a collaborative biobank in order to accelerate the development of new drugs and treatments for tuberculosis by validating and exploring biomarkers of response to TB drug treatments. The biobank will ultimately house biospecimens from 1000 adult patients in long-term storage for use by the TB research community.

More information about this resource is available at MARK-TB Biorepository

Main Areas of Focus

  • To establish a robust biorepository to support and expedite the discovery and qualification of biomarkers of TB drug effect


Sample repository includes:

  • RNA from whole blood
  • Whole blood
  • Plasma
  • Urine
  • Sputum 

Collaboration Opportunities

  • This resource collects and stores biologic samples (blood, urine, and sputum) via donation from patients in existing clinical studies or programs who are undergoing treatment for tuberculosis. 

Who Can Use This Resource

  • The Biorepository will award biospecimens to research which is deemed to have the greatest opportunity to achieve MARK-TB’s goal of accelerating the development of biomarkers of TB drug effect.

How To Get Started

  • Contact the repository before applying

Contact Information