Modeling Immunity for Biodefense—Awardees and Project-Generated Resources

The four MIB centers, all using influenza as a model system, will develop and apply computational models of immunity, coupled with immunological experimentation to validate and improve the utility and robustness of the models. Resources developed by the program are freely available to the research community.

  1. Laboratory of Computational Immunology at Boston University—PIs: Thomas Kepler, Ph.D., and Garnett Kelsoe, D.Sc. (Duke University)
  2. Program for Research on Immune Modeling and Experimentation (PRiME) at Mount Sinai School of Medicine—PIs: Stuart Sealfon, M.D., and Fernand Hayot, Ph.D.
  3. Dynamics and Evolution of Immune Responses to Influenza Viruses at Emory University—PIs: Rustom Antia, Ph.D., and Rafi Ahmed, Ph.D.
  4. Structure-Based Design of Antibodies and Vaccines at Vanderbilt University—PIs: James Crowe, M.D., and Jens Meiler, Ph.D.
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