Nephele is a microbiome analysis engine which brings together microbiome data and analysis tools in a cloud computing environment. It offers robust, multi-step microbiome analysis pipelines, with no setup time or cost.

More information about this resource is available at Nephele

Main Areas of Focus

  • To address a major challenge facing researchers today — namely, analyzing, transferring, and storing biomedical "big data" — through the use of cloud-based resources
  • To provide researchers, sequencing facilities, students, and citizen scientists a platform to perform standardized microbiome analyses on amplicon or shotgun sequencing data
  • To develop a better understanding of how the cloud can be utilized for the storage, management, and analysis of biomedical data, and to investigate the possibility of the cloud as a long-term computing solution for other research domains as well


  • Microbiome analysis engine

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Nephele is available for public use for a special promotional period. A brief explanation of the analysis you plan to conduct using this tool must be provided.

How To Get Started

  • Request a promotional use code via the Nephele website along with a brief explanation of the analysis you plan to conduct using Nephele. The NIAID Office of Cyber Infrastructure and Computational Biology (OCICB) aims to be conscientious and fair when providing users with promotional use codes for using Nephele.

Contact Information