The Orfeome Project is part of the NIAID-supported Functional Genomics Program. The project is a collaboration of immunolgy and RNA/DNA virus pathogenesis experts, working together to address the hypothesis that RNA and DNA viruses encode common and unique mechanisms to manipulate virus replication efficiency and host responses to determine severe disease outcomes. More specifically, that these viral uncharacterized genes may function to auto-regulate virus replication efficiency, and/or function as an agonist to the host intracellular milieu in order to enhance virus replication.

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Main Areas of Focus

  • To design a robust screening platform that rapidly identifies and characterizes the function of these novel genes in replication and pathogenesis
  • To design a platform that is portable and can be rapidly applied to other highly pathogenic respiratory and microbial pathogens
  • To rapidly identify novel targets for therapeutic intervention
  • To improve strategies for live attenuated or vectored virus vaccine design
  • To improve global responses to newly identified, epidemic disease outbreaks in human populations


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Who Can Use This Resource

  • Available for public use.

How To Get Started

  • Visit the Orfeome website to access data and software.


  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

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