PHS Grantee SOP

This standard operating procedure (SOP) includes the following sections: Purpose, Procedure, Contacts, and Links.

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To fund research at other Public Health Service (PHS) agencies through a grant or cooperative agreement.


Scientists at federal government organizations may receive NIH grants or cooperative agreements to conduct research at federal facilities. NIH may provide awards to PHS agencies as the primary awardee only under exceptional circumstances such as:

  • The mission of the PI's agency does not support the research project.
  • No other institution can conduct the research.
  • Not pursuing the research would have an adverse impact or potentially important effect on the NIH mission.
  • NIH determines a grant is the appropriate means to support the research.

If a PHS agency is not eligible for an NIH grant or cooperative agreement, it may receive NIH funding through an interagency agreement. See Inter- and Intra-Agency Agreement and Direct CAN Citation (IAA DCC).

According to Department of Health and Human Services policy, NIH awards may not pay for salaries or indirect costs at other federal agencies. Federal scientists employed by PHS agencies may collaborate on an NIH grant but may not receive a salary from the grant.


  • Before applying, contact an NIH program officer and discuss whether your agency is eligible for NIH funding. Since program officers outside NIH may not be familiar with the issues, they may not make this determination.
  • If your agency is eligible, develop a justification for NIH funding.

Program Officers

  • Discuss with a PI whether an award would meet the criteria listed above.
  • Read applications and confirm that the justification for NIH funding is still valid. If not, NIH will not fund.
  • Monitor ongoing award.

Scientific Review Officers

  • Be alert for reviewer comments that may justify if a grant to a PHS agency would be appropriate.
  • In the summary statement, indicate as an administrative note that the application is from a PHS agency.


To find an NIAID program officer, go to Contacting Program Officers and Grants Management Specialists. See the Grants Management Program Contacts for the appropriate GMP specialist.

For NIAID staff with questions on federal involvement in grants, see Contact for NIAID Staff.

Use the contacts listed above for questions about your specific situation. If you have a general question or a suggestion to improve this page, email the Office of Knowledge and Educational Resources at


NIH Grants Policy Statement: Grants to Federal Institutions and Payments to Federal Employees Under Grants


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