Requesting NIAID Help on Issuing News Releases SOP

This standard operating procedure (SOP) includes the following sections: Purpose, Procedure, Contacts, and Links.

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To request NIAID help with publicizing research advances made under an Institute-funded grant.


Investigators work with NIAID to publicize their newsworthy research findings.

Office of Communications and Government Relations (OCGR) coordinates with the press office at an investigator's institution to prepare and disseminate publicity materials.


  • As soon as you submit a significant finding to a journal, notify your program officer and your institution's press office.
  • Ask your program officer to keep you informed about whether or not NIAID decides to publicize your findings.
  • If your institution's press office decides to issue a separate news release, ask your press officer to let us know by contacting OCGR directly at 301-402-1663 or Even if NIAID does not create publicity materials, it can add the release to its News from NIAID-Supported Institutions.

Program Officers

  • If investigators contact you requesting that NIAID publicize their research on their behalf, discuss it with your division's OCGR liaison who will work with OCGR to prepare the appropriate publicity.
  • Keep investigators informed about OCGR decisions.
  • If universities or other organizations ask you to review or approve one of their news releases, follow the procedure in the OCGR SOP Handling Requests to Review Non-NIAID News Releases.

Office of Communications and Government Relations Staff

  • If you decide to publicize an investigator's published research, work with the investigator to determine key points about the research advance.
  • Coordinate with other NIAID offices, NIH components, and the press office at the investigator's institution to gather more information.
  • Decide what is the best way for NIAID to publicize the investigator's discovery.
  • Inform the investigator and institution's press office of the projected distribution date of publicity materials.
  • Distribute the materials to the appropriate media and constituent lists.
  • Post materials on appropriate pages of the NIAID website.


Divisions OCGR Liaisons

DAIDS—Staff Only Contact

DAIT—Staff Only Contact

DMID—Staff Only Contact

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Requesting NIAID News Releases

Content last reviewed on March 3, 2015