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The Systems Biology Consortium for Infectious Diseases is a community of systems biologists who integrate experimental biology, computational tools and modeling across temporal and spatial scales to improve our understanding of infectious diseases. Through collaborative efforts, scientists test and validate hypotheses that drive innovation and discovery.  The Consortium seeks to develop strategies that predict and alleviate disease severity and ultimately provide solutions to the world's most important health challenges.

Main Areas of Focus

  • apply cutting-edge technologies, data integration and computational modeling across a variety of infectious diseases
  • provide novel insights into the complex relationship between a pathogen and its host
  • define biomarkers that will predict disease onset and severity
  • identify new targets for vaccines, therapeutics and intervention strategies


Data generated by the Consortium is made available to the scientific community through public databases. In addition, the program provides analysis tools and training opportunities for researchers.

Who Can Use This Resource

Data and tools are available for public use

How To Get Started

Data and tools are available for public use

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