Systems Biology—The Next Generation Program

The centers in the Systems Biology: The Next Generation Program conduct research to develop and validate predictive models of infectious disease initiation, progression, and outcomes. These models are derived from the study of the architecture and dynamics of systems-wide host/pathogen molecular interaction networks during infection. The research findings will provide a deeper understanding of the overall complexity of the biological, biochemical, and biophysical molecular processes within microbial organisms, as well as their interaction with the host, and help researchers identify targets for the development of diagnostics, vaccines, and therapeutics. 

Current Systems Biology Centers listed below are funded in response to RFA-AI-16-080.

A re-issue of the Systems Biology for Infectious Diseases funding opportunity announcement was published September 27, 2021: RFA-AI-21-065.


  • Scripps Research Institute; Consortium for Viral Systems Biology (CViSB)
    • Contact PI: Kristian Andersen
    • Project PI: Brian Briney
    • Project PI: Robert Garry
    • Project PI: Andrew Su
    • Project PI: Marc Suchard
  • Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai; FluOMICS, The Next Generation
    • Contact PI: Adolfo Garcia-Sastre
    • Project PI: Sumit Chanda
  • Seattle Biomedical Research Institute; OMICS for TB: Response to Infection and Treatment
    • Contact PI: Alan Aderem
    • Project PI: John Aitchison
    • Project PI: Nitin Baliga
    • Project PI: David Sherman
    • Project PI: Daniel Zak
  • Northwestern University at Chicago; Successful Clinical Response in Pneumonia Therapy (SCRIPT) Systems Biology
    • Contact PI: Richard Wunderink
    • Project PI: Luis a. Nuñes Amaral
    • Project PI: Alan Hauser
    • Project PI: Alexander Misharin
    • Project PI: Justin Strarren
  • University of California, San Francisco; HPMI: Host Pathogen Mapping Initiative
    • Contact PI: Nevan Krogan
    • Project PI: Henry F. Chambers
    • Project PI: Trey Ideker
    • Project PI: Alexander Marson
    • Project PI: Andrej Sali
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