TB Portals

The NIAID TB Portals Program is a multi-national collaboration for tuberculosis (TB) data sharing and analysis to advance TB research.

As a global consortium of clinicians, scientists, and IT professionals, TB Portals were created to be a web-based, open-access repository of multi-domain TB data and tools for its analysis. Here, you can find linked socioeconomic/geographic, clinical, laboratory, radiological, and genomic data from over 3,400 international TB patient cases.

Researchers can explore and analyze these data through any of the tools, focusing on only one domain or across all of them. TB Portals data are also available for download to support your own research.

More information about this resource is available at NIAID TB Portals Program

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaboration with clinical and research partners is a key part of the TB Portals program. A number of sites from countries in Eastern Europe, Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa are sharing data through the TB Portals.

The Program also engages with academic and private partners on research and software development projects, focusing on TB genomics, radiomics, and data science.

The TB Portals Program is open to developing new research collaborations and data sharing activities that advance the understanding of TB and can lead to public health impact. The Program also welcomes opportunities to expand the volume and types of data, as well as exploring and implementing new visualization, prediction, and analysis methods useful to TB health care professionals, researchers and students.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Anyone can access the websites for the TB Portals tools.
  • TB Portals data are available for direct download. To obtain the data, requesters must review the data sharing and acknowledgement policies, outlined in the TB Portals Data Use Agreement (DUA) and TB Portals Acknowledgements and Citations Guidelines.

Access (Application Process)