Timothy Myers, Ph.D.

Timothy G. Myers, Ph.D.

Credit: NIAID
Chief, Genomic Technologies Section

Major Areas of Research

  • Genome-wide assays of mRNA, micro-RNA, and DNA copy (CNV, CGH)
  • Detection of DNA aberrations, DNA methylation, Epigenetics
  • Human disease biomarker discovery
  • Statistical analysis of microarray and high-throughput screening data
  • Bioinformatics, database mining, pathway and network analysis
  • Data management and analysis pipelines, “reproducible data analysis” protocols
  • Experiment design for microarray and other massively parallel assays

Program Description

The Genomic Technologies Section enables intramural NIAID investigators to utilize microarray and next-gen sequencing technology in their research programs. We also provide statistical and bioinformatics data analysis support. Our facilities maintain instrumentation and resources for Agilent and Illumina microarray platforms, Illumina (Solexa) high-through put sequencing, commercial and customized bioinformatics software, and scientific computing. Genomic technologies has a Microarray and a Bioinformatics component.

Research Group

Members of the Genomic Technologies Section Research Group

Members of the Genomic Technologies Section Research Group


From left to right: Jaimin Patel, M.S.; Paul Gardina, Ph.D.; Krystyna Olmstead, Ph.D.; Yinong Sebastian, Ph.D.; Qin Su, M.D.; Timothy G. Myers, Ph.D.; Francisco Otaizo-Carrasquero, B.S.; Not shown: Raynaldo Martin, B.S. (Joint with Proteomics)

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