Therapies for the Treatment of HIV Disease

In Vitro Efficacy Evaluations

This service provides follow-up studies of products which already have been evaluated in a biochemical or cell-based assay and shown to possess an activity profile that warrants further development of the product as an HIV therapeutic. NIAID does NOT offer the primary screening of previously untested products via this service. Products must be single-component entities of known chemical structure; evaluation of multi-component natural product extracts is not supported. More information on In Vitro Efficacy Evaluations.

In Vivo Efficacy Evaluations

This service provides evaluation of products in animal efficacy models. A product must demonstrate a potent and selective activity profile in vitro against the virus strain used in the model prior to its acceptance as a candidate for this service. Studies to determine optimal routes and schedules of drug administration can be performed. More information on In Vivo Efficacy Evaluations.

Chemical Synthesis

This service provides chemical synthesis of lead compounds for use in additional drug development studies. Compounds must previously have been successfully synthesized to be candidates for this service. Synthesis of new analogs is not supported. More information on Chemical Synthesis.

Analytical Chemistry

This service can be used to develop and perform a variety of analytical assays to assess the properties of drug substances and their formulations. More information on Analytical Chemistry.

Drug Formulation and Manufacturing

This service can be used to develop, manufacture, and assess a variety of pharmaceutical dosage formulations. More information on Drug Formulation and Manufacturing.

Animal Pharmacology and Toxicology

This service can be used to provide pharmacokinetic and safety assessments of products in mice, rats, rabbits, dogs, and nonhuman primates. More information on Animal Pharmacology and Toxicology.​

Content last reviewed on July 12, 2009