DAIDS Learning Portal (DLP) Group Training Pages

Welcome to the DAIDS Group Training Pages on the DAIDS Learning Portal.  Please use the links below to visit dedicated landing pages for selected groups within DAIDS.  You will find general information about each group and a list of related DLP trainings

DAIDS Clinical Laboratory Operations Team (DCLOT) Training Page

DCLOT oversees laboratories at all DAIDS Clinical Research Sites (CRSs).  Please see this page for lab related trainings from DAIDS. 


Pharmaceutical Affairs Branch (PAB) Training Page

PAB establishes and oversees requirements for DAIDS-supported pharmacies and the use of study products associated with DAIDS-supported and/or -sponsored clinical trials. Please see this page for more information about PAB and a list of related training offerings on the DLP.

Visit PAB

Monitoring Operations Branch (MOB) Training Page

The Monitoring Operations Branch (MOB) in the Office of Clinical Site Oversight (OCSO) directs the monitoring function for DAIDS-sponsored clinical trials to meet the rigor of all applicable regulations and guidelines. Please see this page for more information about MOB and a list of monitoring related training offerings on the DLP. 

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Office for Policy in Clinical Research Operations (OPCRO) Group Training Pages

OPCRO groups include Protocol Registration Team (PRT), DAIDS Protection of Participants, Evaluation and Policy (ProPEP) Branch, and DAIDS Safety and Pharmacovigilance Team (SPT).  Please follow the link to the OPCRO page to see an introduction for each group and lists of related training offerings on the DLP.