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Quiz Yourself on NIH Grant Funding Terminology

How familiar are you with NIAID’s application and grant terminology? Test your knowledge by taking our quiz and pay attention to the explanations for each answer.
A HISTEP student checks the eye color or her fruit flies during a genetics experiment.

Opportunities and Resources

Apply if you are an international investigator in a resource-constrained country and can propose high-priority, regionally relevant infectious diseases research.
The initiative supports early discovery of novel exploratory vaccine strategies to prevent HIV infection, as well as worthy basic vaccine discovery research that has not yet been fully exploited.
Propose research to apply newly developed immunological tools and expand understanding of the immune response to vaccination at the molecular level.

In The News

NIAID sets a separate R01 payline for new and early-stage principal investigators (PIs) to ensure success rate parity between established and new and early-stage PIs.
NIH will employ and support up to five exceptional early-stage investigators who have not yet achieved tenure at a research institution.
Share feedback on NIH's Herpes Simplex Virus Strategic Plan and its prioirities for basic research, diagnosis, treatment, cure, and prevention by June 21, 2023.
The Cumulative Investigator Rate is calculated as the number of unique principal investigators (PIs) who were designated on an NIH research project grant divided by the number of unique PIs who were designated on applications over a 5-year period.

Advice Corner

We cover role-related terms that have caused confusion like co-investigator, collaborator, consultant, other significant contributor, and staff scientist.

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