Prepare Your First Data Management and Sharing Plan

Funding News Edition: February 15, 2023
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As you write your next application, use the following resources and samples to help you follow the Data Management and Sharing (DMS) Policy and NIAID-specific rules.

Background. To quickly summarize, the updated DMS policy went into effect on January 25, 2023. All applicants planning to generate Scientific Data must prepare a single DMS Plan to describe how you will manage and share that data.

Draft your DMS Plan. Start with NIH’s extensive guidance at Writing a DMS Plan. The page features new Sample DMS Plans and sections on Submitting your plan, an optional Format page, recommended Elements to Include, and much more. Find clarifications and tips in the Frequently Asked Questions on DMS, including a new section on how to account for DMS in your budget.

Address any additional DMS requirements. Though the links above will help you build a solid foundation for your Plan, you may need to customize it further. Be sure to check for and address any special requirements or expectations:

  • Consult the NIH Institute and Center (IC) Data Sharing Policies table. Use the pulldown control on the upper left of the table to filter by IC, then select “NIAID.” As shown in your filter results, there are multiple NIAID-specific DMS policies, guiding principles, and repositories.
  • NIAID also has special Genomic Data Sharing (GDS) guidance and GDS Expectations.
  • Your chosen funding opportunity announcement may include unique DMS instructions in Section IV, under Other Plans(s).

Consult with NIH program staff. To ensure your application meets DMS policy and other requirements, we strongly encourage you to discuss your application, opportunity, and IC specifics with a scientifically-relevant program official months before you apply. Use these approaches to find the right person:

  • If you already have a specific funding opportunity in mind, reach out to the scientific program contacts listed in the notice.
  • Find program staff listed on IC websites or try the Matchmaker tool.
  • For applications to NIAID, check When To Contact an NIAID Program Officer.

NIH also provides a detailed list of Contacts and Help to answer your questions on specific data sharing topics.

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