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Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

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NIAID Clinical Trials Data Repository, AccessClinicalData@NIAID, is an NIAID cloud-based, secure data platform that enables sharing of and access to anonymized individual, patient level clinical data sets from NIAID sponsored clinical trials to harness the power of data to generate new knowledge to understand, treat, and prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

Biomedical and health data coupled with powerful advanced data analytical and statistical tools provide innovative opportunities to accelerate the development of new and improved therapeutic interventions and diagnostics, improved prevention strategies and disease surveillance, and implement new and improved design of clinical trials. 

This NIAID research resource provides a foundation with potential to improve the health of people in the United States and around the world.

Main Area of Focus

The goal of the platform is to allow the research community access to clinical data sets to harness the power of data to generate new knowledge to understand, treat, and prevent infectious diseases such as COVID-19.

How To Access Data

To access and download a dataset from AccessClinicalData@NIAID, a Data Access Request (DAR) is required to be submitted to NIAID by the requestor using the DAR form found on the AccessClinicalData@NIAID data platform and will be reviewed by the NIAID Clinical Trials Data Access Committee.

Upon approval of the DAR by NIAID and prior to accessing and downloading the data set, the primary requestor and their institution will be notified and required to agree to and sign a Data Use Agreement (DUA) that outlines the terms of the use of the data. Note that the DUA will require two signatures – from the requestor and from the institutional authorizing official. The DUA signature process will be facilitated via a DocuSign mechanism and the requestor and the authorizing institutional official’s email addresses will be utilized to facilitate the sign-off process.

Request Access to the Data

Visit AccessClinicalData@NIAID to request access and download a dataset from NIAID Clinical Trials Data Repository.

Contact for questions or help.

Data Management and Sharing Guidelines

NIAID provides guidance on data-management and -sharing practices to ensure NIAID’s research adheres to NIH policies to serve knowledge sharing, secondary use, and reproducibility of NIAID-funded research data as well as enable opportunities to develop a data science workforce. 

Read the Data Management and Sharing Guidelines>


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