HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks

The NIAID HIV/AIDS Clinical Trials Networks have been designed to address NIAID’s five HIV/AIDS scientific priorities.

The Networks include:

NIAID’s five HIV/AIDS scientific priorities are:

  1. Therapeutics for HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated infections in adults (including HIV cure, as well as co-occurring noninfectious and infectious diseases, including hepatitis and tuberculosis) (ACTG)
  2. HIV/AIDS and HIV-associated infections in children and mothers (IMPAACT)
  3. Integrated strategies to prevent HIV infection (HPTN)
  4. Vaccines to prevent HIV infection (HVTN)
  5. Microbicides to prevent HIV infection (MTN)


Each network holds two to three large meetings per year.

Contact Information

  • Contact information for each Network can be found on their sites
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