NIAID Clinical Genomics Program Resources

Researchers involved with the NIAID Clinical Genomics Program study many diseases of the immune system that are rare and not well understood but often shed light on basic immune function and more common immune disorders. This research is carried out across multiple labs, disease processes, and with many different tools.

The NIAID Clinical Genomics Program centralizes resources to be used for genomics and related research.

Main Areas of Focus

  • Genomics
  • Immunology

Support Services

  • Sequencing:
    • Exome sequencing through Regeneron collaboration
    • Whole genome sequencing through Merck collaboration
    • Funded targeted clinical testing available through outside commercial labs
    • Other sequencing as available; access may depend on suitability of cases, as determined by funders
  • Help with genomics analysis
  • Select funding for training in genomics or immunology
  • International outreach help when screening for phenotypes/genotypes



  • Genetic counseling
  • Pedigree collection
  • Educational material development

Collaboration Opportunities

  • Research partnering
  • Select data sharing
  • Select funding for training in genomics or immunology

Who Can Use This Resource

  • Access to these resources is determined in case-by-case evaluations by the NIAID Clinical Genomics Program Executive Committee.

How To Get Started

  • Contact the appropriate person listed in the Contact Information section of this page to discuss.

Contact Information