Special Supplements for Individuals SOP

This standard operating procedure (SOP) includes the following sections: Purpose, Procedure, Contacts, and Links.

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To add funding to existing grants to hire scientists who are from underrepresented groups, primary caregivers, or re-entering a scientific career after a family-related hiatus.


Supplements add monies to NIAID-funded grants to support and recruit people from underrepresented groups, primary caregivers, and people returning to work from family responsibilities.

Principal investigators (PIs) on a "parent grant" apply for supplements. The NIAID Review Operations Committee (ROC)—composed of senior program officers—reviews applications.

Candidates supported by a National Research Service Award (NRSA) training grant are eligible for diversity supplements but must wait until their NRSA appointment has finished before working on one. They cannot end their NRSA support early to activate a diversity supplement.

For more information about eligibility, salary, and lengths of support, see Research Supplements.

Principal Investigators

  • Apply for a supplement to fund a qualified scientist to work on your grant (that person cannot apply).
  • Note that candidates for a diversity supplement are ineligible if they meet any of the following criteria:
    • Are supported by a foreign grant or a foreign component of a domestic grant.
    • Are not U.S. citizens or non-citizen nationals or do not have an Alien Registration Receipt Card (a "green card").
    • Are not enrolled in a degree program.
    • Have received grant funds from a parent grant that lists them on the "Current Research Support" section of the biosketch, budget page, or All Personnel Report in any year of the parent grant.
      • Candidates who are listed but do not receive grant funds from a parent grant are eligible. The grantee institution must verify that this is the case.
      • NIAID will consider on a case-by-case basis funding underrepresented candidates who have received funds for a short time from a parent grant after a supplement application is submitted. This would be at the recipient's (PI's) risk, pending a decision on the supplement application. For more information, see “Pre-Award (Pre-Agreement) Costs” in Section 7.9.1 of the NIH Grants Policy Statement.
  • For diversity supplement applications, include the following for candidates who will be working with human subjects or animals:
    • Institutional review board or Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee approval dates.
    • Certification of training in the protection of human subjects.

For more information, including eligibility, important dates, and application instructions, see Research Supplements.

Grants Management Program (GMP) Supplement Coordinator

  • When applications come in, review them for possible problems, e.g., eligibility, other support.
  • Give this information to Raushanah Newman in the Office of Research Training and Special Programs (ORTSP).
  • Attend the ROC meeting.
    • Two weeks after the ROC meeting, have unfunded supplemental applications uploaded into eGrants.

Office of Research Training and Special Programs

  • Accept and/or decline incoming applications in the eRA module.
  • Organize and attend the ROC meeting.
  • After the meeting, determine whether to fund a supplement application.
  • For fundable supplements, enter a new supplement request by going into the NIAID Planning and Reporting System (NPARS) under the Supplement tab and entering the information on the Grants Supplement General Request Form.
  • After grants management staff approve applications, email the Office of Mission Integration and Financial Management to request that it issue a Release List.

Grants Management Specialists

  • Once you get an email from ORTSP about a fundable application, review the candidate's eligibility.
  • If a candidate is eligible for support, go to NPARS to approve the application and enter the total costs for the current fiscal year and the number of years of recommended support.
  • After you approve, email the appropriate grants management division coordinator for approval: Dhana Khurana, DMID; Tamia Powell, DAIT; or Ann Devine, DAIDS.
    • The division coordinator will forward the email to the ORTSP director for approval.
  • After receiving the Release List, do the following:
    • Request information required to issue an award.
    • Prepare an award spreadsheet and issue the award.
      • Use grantee's current facilities and administrative rate.
      • Prorate the award for the number of months remaining in the current grant year unless we are funding the supplement immediately after the parent grant award. Prorate everything except travel.
      • Include the appropriate term of award from the "Supplement Terms" section of the terms package.

For further guidance, GMP staff can see the GMP Diversity, Disability, Reentry, and Caregiver Supplements SOP.


GMP Supplement Coordinator

Bianca Steele

Office of Research Training and Special Programs

Raushanah Newman

Use the contacts listed above for questions about your specific situation. If you have a general question or a suggestion to improve this page, email the Office of Knowledge and Educational Resources at deaweb@niaid.nih.gov.


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