Structural Genomics Data Release Guidelines

Users must agree to make structural genomics data that the Centers have determined at their request publically available according to the following Data Release Guidelines:

  • The atomic coordinates of the targets’ three-dimensional structure and associated data, such as the structure factors, NMR constraints, and chemical shift lists must be deposited into public databases, such as the Protein Data Bank and other databases as directed by the project officer, within four weeks from completion of a structure determination project.
  • Experimental outcome data related to cloning, expression and solubility, purification, protein biochemical and biophysical characterization, crystallization screening, experimental protocols and quality control procedures of both complete and interrupted projects shall either be made available on the Center’s public web portal or be submitted for dissemination into a public database resource.
  • Materials and reagents produced by the Centers (e.g., physical clones, expression constructs) are distributed by the Structural Genomics Centers upon request.
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