Steering Committee and Working Groups

Steering Committee

The NIAID/Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases (DMID) Systems Biology Consortium for Infectious Diseases Steering Committee was established by NIAID in collaboration with the awardees and for example, will attend the annual meetings, review the progress of the centers focused on antimicrobial resistance and infectious diseases. The Steering Committee members have broad scientific and clinical expertise and are not current collaborators of the funded programs.

Working Groups

The NIAID/DMID Systems Biology Consortium for Infectious Diseases established working groups composed of members from each of the centers to foster collaboration in areas of shared expertise and project milestones. The working groups focus on critical areas of the program: modeling, data dissemination, and clinical.

Modeling Working Group

The Modeling Working Group involves computational biologists, data scientists, and statistical modeling experts who work together to identify areas of collaboration and share modeling techniques and tools to leverage expertise across the centers.

Data Dissemination Working Group

The Data Dissemination Working Group involves representatives from each of the Systems Biology Centers. The members of this group work together to establish best practices for disseminating systems biology data in a way that is consistent with the NIAID Data Management and Sharing Guidelines and with the FAIR principles: findable, accessible, interoperable, and reproducible.

Clinical Working Group

The Clinical Working Group works collaboratively to identify and share clinical informatics strategies and computational tools to leverage and expand expertise across the centers with a focus on collecting, sharing, and using clinical data derived from electronic health records.

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