Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers (TRACs)

In 2022, NIAID established six new Tuberculosis Research Advancement Centers (TRACs) to foster multidisciplinary tuberculosis (TB) research and deliver exceptional mentorship to new investigators.

The newly established TRACs will provide scientific leadership and institutional infrastructure dedicated to TB research and will foster and enhance multidisciplinary collaboration. The Centers are dedicated to developing the next generation of scientific leaders in TB research through mentoring and training opportunities and by providing funding support for either new investigators pursuing TB research or researchers who want to enter the TB field at institutions within the TRAC network. The TRACs will provide shared research support for resources, services and training dedicated to TB, and will strengthen TB clinical research through international and/or domestic collaborations.

Main Area of Focus

The main goal of the TRACs is to provide administrative and shared research support to foster and elevate multidisciplinary TB research and provide exceptional mentorship to new investigators. TRACs will provide core facilities, services and mentoring opportunities to achieve the goals of the program.

Contact Information

Dr. Lakshmi Ramachandra
Section Chief
Tuberculosis and Other Mycobacterial Diseases Section
Respiratory Diseases Branch

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