Initial Interim R01 Paylines Posted for Fiscal Year 2023

Funding News Edition: October 05, 2022
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In preparation for the upcoming fiscal year (FY) 2023, NIAID recently shared interim paylines for research projects (R01):

  • 10 percentile for established investigators
  • 14 percentile for new investigators

We are starting FY 2023 under a continuing resolution (CR), which will run through December 16, 2022. Presently, our budget officials are calculating appropriate interim levels for the other activity codes listed on the NIAID Paylines page. If you subscribe to NIAID Payline Email Alerts or follow @NIAIDFunding on Twitter, we will notify you whenever NIAID sets or adjusts paylines.

As background, NIAID typically starts each FY by setting interim paylines. Though the interim numbers may be lower than the previous year’s final paylines listed on Archive of Final NIAID Paylines by Fiscal Year, this difference does not indicate a funding cut. After the CR ends and NIAID gets its full year budget appropriation, we can recalculate and adjust paylines.

The multi-stage approach helps NIAID set accurate paylines and fund your awards as soon as possible over the typical course of the fiscal year, as follows:

  • Low interim paylines reflect our conservative estimates of the number of awards NIAID can afford to fund under the flat budget of a CR. The interim paylines are an administrative measure to help us fund grants while we wait for the FY budget appropriation.
  • As the fiscal year progresses, NIAID staff monitor how many applications arrive and score well in peer review. These data provide insight into how many more awards we can fund, then NIAID can adjust paylines accordingly.
  • The longer we must operate under a series of short-term CRs, the longer NIAID staff must wait to calculate final paylines and budgets. As a result, NIAID generally does not set final paylines until after the final CR ends and we get the annual budget appropriation.
  • Once NIAID no longer expects a payline number to change, we switch the payline’s status from interim to final on the Paylines page.

Find more background on how NIAID Paylines and Budget Information Changes Throughout the Year.

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