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NIAID Paylines and Budget Information Changes Throughout the Year

We update all the pages in NIAID’s Paylines & Funding section as soon as we get new information. Learn more below about the typical timing for these updates. 

Fiscal Year Updates

Each fiscal year, the timing of our annual budget appropriation varies. We update the NIAID Paylines and Financial Management Plan as the year progresses. While this means we cannot predict exact dates for updates, here is the typical pattern:

The new fiscal year starts on October 1. Typically, we don't have a budget right away and operate under a continuing resolution (CR). 

During a CR, NIAID sets very conservative interim NIAID Paylines for R01s and may also do so for other grant types. An interim payline is an administrative measure that lets us get some top-scoring grants out the door while we wait for our appropriation.

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We typically also post the first pieces of our Financial Management Plan during the CR.

After NIH gets a budget, it takes NIAID several weeks at a minimum to establish a spending plan for our portion. Don't expect to see fiscal year NIAID Paylines or Financial Management Plan details immediately.

Over the next several weeks or even months, we fill in the blanks on our NIAID Paylines page.

We usually get the R01 paylines for established and new investigators first. The R01 fiscal year paylines typically remain in effect until the end of the fiscal year.

We post other fiscal year paylines later. These may change mid-year, so check the latest paylines after you get your summary statement and before you talk to your program officer about your funding prospects.

During the last few months of the fiscal year, we keep the NIAID Paylines posted for reference. However, sometime around August, the posted paylines are less relevant for the following reasons:

  • Applications reviewed at May Council that were within the paylines are usually already funded or committed for funding.
  • Applications that go to September Council are for the following fiscal year.
  • Because we set conservative paylines, we typically have some extra money at the end of the fiscal year to pay applications that missed the paylines until the remaining money runs out.

Near the end of September, we move the final payline numbers to our Archive of Final NIAID Paylines by Fiscal Year. We also reset our Financial Management Plan to prepare for the next fiscal year.

On October 1, the next fiscal year begins. Return to that step above.

Timing for Other Funding Updates

Based on yearly NIH Guide notices, we update Salary Caps, Stipends & Training Funds:

  • The salary cap notice typically comes out between December and March.
  • Stipend levels typically change annually, but we can’t predict when. The timing of the stipend notice has varied in recent years.

We revise our NIAID Budget Data Comparisons up to three times each year based on NIAID Director Dr. Fauci’s presentation at our Advisory Council.

Check the latest information through the main Paylines & Funding page.

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