ACTG Network Laboratory (ACTG NL)

The ACTG NL consists of Core Laboratory groups in immunology, pharmacology, virology and TB. Each Core Laboratory Group is comprised of several Specialty Laboratories that provide a broad range of assays and services required to conduct the scientific agenda of the ACTG and to complement laboratory services, and where appropriate, with that of other DAIDS-sponsored HIV/AIDS clinical trials networks.

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Main Areas of Focus

The ACTG NL provides both standard and specialized laboratory support for the specific aims under each of the five major research priorities identified by the ACTG Network leadership which include:

  • Translational research and drug development
  • Optimization of clinical management, including co-morbidities
  • Vaccine research and development with the emphasis on immunotherapeutics (in collaboration with the HVTN)
  • Prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV-1, with the emphasis on the treatment of non-pregnant women (in collaboration with the IMPAACT Network)
  • Prevention of HIV-1 Infection, with the emphasis on identifying and treating primary/early infection (in collaboration with the HPTN)

Support Services

  • Performance of protocol-specified testing, including routine clinical laboratory services including diagnostic tests, serum chemistry and hematology tests, CD4 counts, plasma HIV-1 RNA, etc
  • Assay development and implementation in study protocols
  • Protocol support
  • Assay training



  • Laboratory related guidance 

Who Can Use This Resource

  • The ACT NL serves the NIAID HIV/AIDS clinical trials network.

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