Adjuvant Development

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Credit: NIAID

The Adjuvant Development program supports the preclinical development of novel adjuvants for use in vaccines targeting infectious diseases or of tolerogenic / immune deviating adjuvants for treatment of immune-mediating diseases.

Data generated from supported studies are made publicly available through the Vaccine Adjuvant Compendium (VAC), enabling the rational selection of adjuvants and the future development of more effective vaccines against infectious diseases, and/or new vaccines to treat allergic or autoimmune diseases.

Main Areas of Focus

  • Preclinical development of novel adjuvants coupled with antigens, including mechanistic analyses of the novel adjuvant/antigen combinations
  • Formulation and stability studies
  • Optimization of immunization regimens and delivery routes
  • Toxicology testing
  • Pharmacokinetics/absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion studies
  • Clinical good manufacturing processes (cGMP) production

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