Antiviral Drug Discovery Centers for Pathogens of Pandemic Concern Award Recipients

AI-Driven Structure-Enabled Antiviral Platform (ASAP)

Principal Investigators: John Chodera, Ph.D.; Benjamin Perry, Ph.D.; Alpha Lee, Ph.D.
Institutes: Sloan Kettering Institute of Cancer Research; Drugs for Neglected Diseases Initiative; PostEra, Inc.

Award #: U19AI171399

Antiviral Countermeasures Development Center (AC/DC)

Principal Investigators: George Painter, Ph.D.; Richard Plemper, Ph.D.
Institutes: Emory University; Georgia State University

Award #: U19AI171403

Center for Antiviral Medicines & Pandemic Preparedness (CAMPP)

Principal Investigators: Sumit Chanda, Ph.D.; Arnab Chatterjee, Ph.D; Adolfo García-Sastre, Ph.D.
Institutes: Scripps Research Institute; Calibr; Icahn School of Medicine at Mt.Sinai

Award #: U19AI171443

Development of Outpatient Antiviral Cocktails against SARS-CoV-2 and other Potential Pandemic RNA Viruses

Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Glenn, M.D., Ph.D.
Institute: Stanford University

Award #: U19AI171421

Metropolitan AntiViral Drug Accelerator

Principal Investigators: David Perlin, Ph.D.; Charles Rice, Ph.D.
Institute: Hackensack University Medical Center; The Rockefeller University

Award #: U19AI171401

Midwest AViDD Center

Principal Investigators: Reuben Harris, Ph.D.; Fang Li, Ph.D.
Institute: University of Minnesota

Award #: U19AI171954

QCRG Pandemic Response Program

Principal Investigator: Nevan Krogan, Ph.D.
Institute: University of California, San Francisco

Award #: U19AI171110

Rapidly Emerging Antiviral Drug Development Initiative – AViDD Center (READDI-AC)

Principal Investigators: Ralph Baric, Ph.D.; Timothy Willson, Ph.D.
Institute: The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Award #: U19AI171292

UTMB-Novartis Alliance for Pandemic Preparedness

Principal Investigators: Pei-Yong Shi, Ph.D.; Thierry Diagana, Ph.D.
Institutes: The University of Texas Medical Branch; Novartis Institute of Biomedical Research, Inc.

Award #: U19AI171413

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